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Journey to the Civilisation 2

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So here comes the highlight of the day!! 《锦绣中华与中国民族文化村》We bought the entrance ticket for RMB108 (per person – 10% off usual price – just buy it through any travel agent or your residence hotel) and here we go!!

To be honest with you, the park was too big that we couldn’t finish all of them. We went in around 3pm and thus a bit rushing for us to catch some of the shows. But there were pros and cons. The REAL GOOD SHOW is running every night from 7.30pm and so if you were to enter the park by 10am you will need to spend almost 10 hours in the park including catching the night show!! Tell you what… The night is NOT TO BE MISSED!! Best of the BEST thing I’ve seen throughout the whole journey so far!! It was a blend of traditional dance with superb musical rythm, together with the advanced sound and visual effect surely blew me away!!

The restaurants are all closed… … luckily for me… coz i din plan to eat there also… lol

some famous building in Tibet … you know right? (Actually i forgot its name in English.. lol) and the GREAT WALL with SHENZHEN city behind … lol

 Where Altantuya came from … …

The we managed to watch one of the three big shows in the park.

Walao.. the horse riders are all very skillful and showed us various dangerous stunts … … siao one ler !! it gave me the impression that … .. hmm.. China is a big country .. they have a lot of human resource … if something happened … just ganti balik lor .. so many tak takut tak ada orang nak lakon nanti … =.=”

And then after watching that horse show (for free), we managed to watch another small show, a cultural dance by a race staying in Northen-west China, and we found it very familiar … aha!! Their religion is Islam!! No wonder!! Kinda different feeling seeing Islamic China people and I found them very pleased to meet too!! lol

And they dance and they dance, I can tell you the ladies are all quite pretty oh … got the mixed blood kind of feeling… haha.. and suddenly you guess what happened ?

They pulled me out to join their dance!! T.T haha … walao .. i couldn’t even manage to learn my own orientation camp mass dance moves .. now free style some more … hahaha … … see my tummy? tummy dance i can lar !! hahaha… Then we walked again…

 有眼不识泰山 Got Eyes Dunno Tarzan

And then… Haha…

 got people play kung fu!!

 near the entrance there …

So it’s time to watch the BIG SHOW !! Hahaha …

Some more the show is quite long… haha… i think got 1 hour bah … haha … or more than that … haha … it’s WORTH IT LAH!!

 walao… all money got wet by my sweat… =.=|||

Then we walked back to our youth hostel. It’s not very far from the park… haha… So what happened tomorrow (June 13) ? Following the schedule, we were supposed to go down to Hong Kong immediately, but WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED ? Show you some preview first.. haha

Written by Boon Ming

July 9, 2008 at 10:47 am

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  1. Hehe…jackson shared what happened to me. =P

    Teng Seng

    July 9, 2008 at 12:34 pm

  2. woww nice photos!! i was there last 2 years ago and had a fantastic time. Looks like u had a fantastic time too!! congrats!! but what was the total cost for what, 15 days arr??!!


    July 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm

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