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Journy to Civilisation 3

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Hi all, sorry for keeping you all waiting. Been fatiguely busy these few weeks for senior camps, freshmen camp and also some drama production. But I will try to finish my journey posting as fast as possible.

So on the Friday of June13, actually I woke up very eary because I caught a cold so bad that I sneeze myself OUT OF THE BED !! lol

So I went out early in the morning about 7 something to buy some flu medicine. And… … what the… It was really a nce experience for me to choose over a variety of medicne that I’d never see them before!! NO PANADOL, NO WOODS, NO HACKS, NO PEI PA GOU, NO EVERYTHING WE SEE HERE… i was stunned for a moment and luckily the staff approached me and tried hard to serve my ‘foreigner’ taste… 

 all the aunties uncles ‘queue’ up for the store to open…

In the end I got something that hopefully won’t make me die in the middle of the journey…

 never see this before.. >.<

Had our breakfast cum lunch at a restaurant nearby the hostel.. it was not bad afterall!!!

What I really like is their “双皮奶” which is some dessert like “milk jelly”. The taste is actually so good that even those who recommend the shop in Hong Kong also cannot compare with them!! haha… Very very nice!!

And it’s a bad and lazy day, we actually stayed at the hostel and felt that it was so nice that we’d stay one more night here.. haha.. so we called to Hong Kong and postponed our check-in time…



some street views…


KFC and Jusco in China!!

The Jusco there is actually considered “high class” in Shenzhen while in Malaysia it is considered as a “middle class” shopping mall.

But unfortunately the rain won’t stop.. it’s like a big storm was coming. There were even STORM ALERTS released on TV!!

 this is the MRT “ticket”…

 a LCD screen in the MRT that showed 3 different STORM ALERTS that day.. we didn’t what it meant untl we finised our journey… >.< we could have died… lol

So we walked around fearless, not knowing the danger of these alerts… around 华侨城 Huaqiaocheng, a new town in Shenzhen mainly constructed based on attracting foreign investment for tourism, electronic and etc such as we saw this brand here…


we can’t even see Wal-Mart back in South East Asia!! lol… (becoz we’ve got Jusco, Tesco, Carrefour blah blah blah you name it….)

So talking about shopping malls, actually something funny happened during one f my shopping experience… the conversation below was actually conducted in Mandarin but for te sake of all my dear readers I literally translated it..

Cashier: “Sir, your total is RMB23…” (after scanning all the items)

Boon Ming: “OK. Here you go…” (paying the money and wait)

Cashier: “…”

Boon Ming: “… …”

Cashier: “… … …”

Boon Ming: “… … … …”

Cashier: “Sir, anything I can help you?”

Boon Ming: “Aren’t you giving me a plastic bag to wrap all those stuff?”

Cashier: “Oh sir, we don’t provide plastic bag anymore…”

Boon Ming: “Then?!”

Cashier: “You’d need to buy’em… each costs… …”


We were virtually watching each other for like 5 seconds or more during the STUN point there.. haha… The government of China has implement a new rule that no more plastic bags to be giving out free in shopping malls anymore. I didn’t know until i was there… So a kind of reminder, next time when you visit China, bring more plastic bags yourself!! lol.. support and protect our environment ok?!




And before we knew it, the sky had turned so dark.. and sudden;y started raining again… kesian us using a small umbrella and you can imagine how our umbrella being ‘tortured’ by the strong wind and our umbrella just turn like this…

Then quickly we bought ourself some dinner from Wal-Mark food court, enjoyed our dinner that night and called it a day…

Next highlight… HONG KONG HERE WE COME!!!


Written by Boon Ming

July 20, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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