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Journey to Civilisation 4.1

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So what? It’s June 14. A lazy + raining Saturday. We thought we would meet huge crowd at the custom checkpoint and so we departed earlier around 10am. Asking the receptionist at International Youth Hostel that we checked in, she said there’s not necessary that we needed to go through LUOHU 罗湖 because it’s a bit far. There’s an alternative (like Singapore’s Tuas Second Link) whch is just a few stations away. And all the way it’s connected via the subway. OMG!! We decided on the spot. HUANGGANG 皇岗 here we come!!

Without any problem, we passed through the custom and the checkpoint was so nice!! (which in the end left me with some TERRIBLE happened much later, you’ll see that coming…. T.T )

So we reached LOK MA CHAU 落马洲, and we were officially in HONG KONG!! You can’t imagine HOW CRAZY EXCITED I AM … Finally we are here!! The highlight of my whole trip… Hong Kong!!

we straight away bought an OCTOPUS CARD 八达通卡, it’s some card similar to EZLink card in Singapore and here we go! We took the Railway to the downtown… all the way itwas insanely… … crazily… … QUIET!! haha .. coz I didn’t want to attract unwanted attention mah… haha…


Cool MTR !! Cool train!! Haha… I can assure you that you won’t get lost in Hong Kong, of course, provided that you know some Chinese… haha…

You know we were carrying a huge backpack and so the first ever thing that we wanted to do is to check in and threw our bag into our room before we could actually start exploring the city. The station was MONGKOK 旺角. And the moment I stepped out from the train station, I was stunned!! I can’t believe that after so many years watching Hong Kong drama talking about this place non-stop … Finally I got the chance to step on it!! T.T so touching … I literally cried on the spot … hahaha

 funny advertisement in MTR station …

The next moment I realised that we had no idea in which direction was our hostel … =.=” haha…


So we walked and we walked …


Walao eh… The buildings here so MIMI MAMA (tight and close to each other) that made us so hard to find our hostel but we spot this first !!

a BOON MING sports acceseries store !! MY store !!

OK. I admit, that’s IDIOTIC lame. Let’s continue~~~ So we found our hostel after asking a few rounds… and DENG DENG DENG DENG … Let me show you the legendary backpackers hostel !! Dragon Hostel !! haha…

   although I’ve heard of the “small” size of the rooms in HK due to the expensive land price… somehow I stil STUNNED when i saw my room .. …. haha …

 walao eh … can’t even turn around … haha …

After settling down, me and my friend started a serious discussion. It’s so serious that none of us show a funny face in between. Discussing about what?

“Where should we go now?”

Wah Piang … … ok .. another lame one. So we went to a garden, some sort like a Chinese Garden … haha … a Chiese Lotus Garden or sort of … Let’s go!!

We took the KWUN TONG 观塘 line to DIAMOND HILL 钻石山 station. And here we are!!





Then we walked until very sien adi, so we moved to our next destination, WONG TAI SIN temple 黄大仙庙!! Also a place whereyou can hear a lot from HONG KONG drama… haha… But how to go? We siao siao take any bus go lor… haha

 after checking, NOT ANY bus can go lar!! haha… cheat you only .. No. 11c got pass by… HKD5 per trip..

 here comes the bus!!

 oh yea.. forgot to talk about the bus fare here… haha… so how do Hong Kong charge the bus fare? It is fixed price from the station you get onto the bus til the last station the bus will go. So let’s say you get onto the bus on station 3 but the bus will end at station 10. You will be charged all the way til station 10. So don’t care you alight on station 4 or 5 or 7 or 10, you will be chargedthe SAME price. Haha… I think they want more people to walk for nearer distance right? hahaha…


 quite a lot of people also…

After that we just walked around that area …

 walao .. imagine how many people staying in the building?


 then we spotted this MINI BUS STATION !! haha … another funny thing will happen with this MINI bus later on … hahaha … stay tuned …

so… suddenly our stomach cannot tahan liao… not going to toilet….but very very hungry.. so any idea of our first lunch in Hong Kong ?!?!??! i’m sure you will FALL ON TO THE GROUND when you hear th answer …

So our first lunch in Hong Kong was …








 we ate the “pork” burger there .. you need to know that no PORK served in McDonalds in Singapore nor Malaysia … haha …

Did you fall on to the ground ?


Written by Boon Ming

July 31, 2008 at 10:35 am

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