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Journey to Civilisation 4.2

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Still June 14. (this HK trip posts seemed like endless forever… =.=”)

 a shop selling cute cute toys and stuff, which is quite famous in Hong Kong…


After leaving WONG TAI SIN temple and had our first ever PORK McDonalds meal as lunch. We continued explore the Pearl’s city. We took the MTR to KOWLOON POND 九龙塘 (literaly translated) where we stopped by a new shopping complex – Festival Walk 又一城. The chinese name for this shopping mall is rather amusing. Literally translated – ANOTHER SHOPPING AGAIN ?!! XD


 a mall with ice-skating court!! i can tell you that was so crowded that someone bang with someone … lol

 i think the daddy force his child to play …

After a short walk, we got tired of the high end shopping mall and so we left and took MTR to our next destination!! The Victoria Harbour!! Yay!! We got out from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station and walked further to the harbour.

 Nathan Road is so long that we still see it after several MTR stations away from our hostel… =.=”

Along the way we saw HK Art Museum, Sheraton Hotel and Peninsula Hotel…



 Kung Fu Hustle ?! I saw people play TAI CHI at the museum !!! Surely something you won’t find in Malaysia/Singapore…

 so xinku come far far to Hong Kong, must cam-whore a bit lar .. haha

Then we reached Victoria Harbour. We walked around and around and decided to find a place to sit down and enjoy the scenery.



Also one reason was that there will be a laser light show going on here every night and we found a nice nice spot and wait and wait …

  and wait and wait … and we wait and we wait …   … …… ??… …. =.=”  and the show started …

“OK LAR … NORMAL ONLI…” was first impression that I got after watchign the whole show. To me the buildings itself are far more interesting than the stupid laser light … lol

Oh yea.. actually hor.. we were not that stupid to do nothing and just wait there lar … our dear Jackson so nice and knew a new friend on the spot and she’s actually from Guangzhou… She said that she has got some relatives here in Cheongzhau Island and she’s on a trip around as well… So we talked and we talked… A photo for memory!! Hope she sees this picture lar.. haha…


Then moved on to persoal photo.. Of course!! After waiting for so long!! Mut take picture with the night scenery of Hong Kong … Fascinating !!

 ok.. i don’t look happy becoz of the stupid heads blocking the whole nice view of Hong Kong … …


Then we got nothing to do and so we decided to go back to Mongkok to have weekend feel … haha


 super siao shopping mall ..

This is what I called “People Mountain People Sea”. Certain streets in Mongkok are just closed for pedestrians for you to spend and spend and spend nonstop here.. hahaha .. evil government … So we were hungry and decided to give it a go and their local chinese fast food restaurant “百家乐”. Not bad lar… We only ordered  …


Their Baked Pork Rice because we wanted to try other food along the street later.. haha… not bad not bad… Then!!!! Oh My God !!! The superb dessert!! hahaha … HUI LAU SHAN is one of the most fantastic dessert stall you must in Hong Kong!! Haha.. I was addicted that even in Macau I wanted to take ship back HOng Kong to eat this … (bluf only lar.. but taste good lar.. haha)



Damn expensive you know?! My Mango Ice was like HKD28 and Jackson’s Sesame Fruit Ice was like HKD32++ … Siao one… As you can see … we couldn’t stand the CROWD along the street so we DAPAO (take away) and eat in our room… so nice with aircond after a logn day walk.. haha..

WAIT?! That’s not it.. other than these ice together we also DAPAO some snacks!!



 the fried squid was very good indeed !! haha .. like it so much !!

i can say tat I’m totally disappointed with their curry fishball … =.=” .. i tot it was so nice to eat … … sweat …

So basically that sums up day 4 of our journey… more surprises coming up!!



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  1. Wahhh so many pictures. I want HK dim sum!

    Pui Ee

    August 17, 2008 at 5:43 am

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