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Hong Kong Day 5 Part I –

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Woke up. The trip so far was amazing that we could sometimes just woke up late and just went for places that we really wanted to visit. This is what we called “Backpacking”. No sstress at all and visit anything that I wanted. Haha…

Today was a very very FUN DAY!! By THAT i mean VERY VERY VERY FUN !! Hahaha … It’s Day 5 of our journey and it’s a Sunday and the second day we were in Hong Kong!! Haha…

So we had our breakfast at another super mega chinese fastfood restaurant in Hong Kong called “MeiXin MX”. Since we were so hungry so each of us ordered a set of breakfast!! Hahaha…


 a set of breakfast costs about HKD20 .. which is considered quite ok already.. hahaha…

 quite interesting toilet sign …

After finish our breakfast… we moved to Victoria Harbour to take our leisure cruise/ferry trip over to Hong Kong island. Usually people will just travel by MTR which is just one station away to get to Hong Kong island from Tsim Sha Tsui. But we syok syok went and tried the ferry which turned out to be a very nice experience… hahaha… and before that we went over to the Star Walk to have a look at the PALMS .. hehe …


 *sweat… he really got nothign to do liao.. hahaha..

Time to get on boat!!



Then we reached at Central Pier (中环码头) after just a short 15 minutes trip. And here we go!!!


To be honest with you lar… Actually when we came down from the boat.. We were quite blur also.. Coz dunno where really we were and which direction we should go.. so HOW?? Just walked lor.. haha.. cincai la!! 

We saw a lot of BUILDINGS!!



And we saw a lot of Philipines aunties as well… >.<!!!


Walao eh.. I was like SWEAT A LOT when I saw so many maids gathered together at one area (actually they were basically FLOODED THE WHOLE CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT as Sunday is an off-day…) We were like “WALAO EH~~~~!!!!! ” On the spot already… hahaha…

So quickly walked over the CROWDED area, we took a bus which will terminate at Stanley Market and off we go!! (Bus Number 66)


Actually there were several buses which would terminate at Stanley Market but the bus we took took slightly longer time but were also passing by a lot of places !! Haha.. It didn’t take the tunnel and climbed over the mountain to get to the other side of HK island. So we saw a lot of stuff on the way!! Hahaha…


Everything is like on the mountain.. Rich people stay one.. but siao lar!! Everyday if no car then mah climb like siao?!!?!

So after 40 – 50 minutes drive finally we reached Stanley Market!! Muahaha…

 Some sort like a town council.. the small library here not bad oh!! I wonder when can Malaysia do something like this or Singapore’s?!?!

  a very funny canto name for WATSON .. hahaha …


It didn’t really appeal much to me and it looked more like a “I’m-rich-so-i-can-walk-and-spend-hell-lot-of-money-here” place to me… So we decided to walk further around and explore to NEW PLACES and we found something interesting!!

There’s this small path that will lead you to some small houses beside Stanley Market which more appealing to me as it is inhabited by locals there..

  the other side of Stanley …


And suddenly I heard some radio… rupa-rupanya this uncle curi-curi tulang here and listen to HORSE RACING news .. muahahaha … … typical scene in Hong Kong!!

So we continued visited some places and got bored and decided to take bus and left the place …

   Maritime Museum… need extra money so we skipped lor .. not big also.. haha

 had quick lunch before leaving … tell you lar … any stall selling wanton mee is better than ALL the stall selling wanton mee in Singapore .. hahahaha … REALLY !!!!

 So we too bus again but this time MINI BUS!! First time taking mni bus (well, at least my first time since MINI BUS was HALTED service in KL more than 10 years ago…) and guess where we were heading ?!?! and WHAT HAPPENED ON THE BUS ?!?!! Muahaha …



Written by Boon Ming

August 21, 2008 at 3:24 am

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  1. Dear boonming,

    I would like to ask for your permission to use your photos in terms of the Hong Kong ones.

    The photos would not be used for any commercial use and would only be used for my Eportfolio in the AiDA Exam Course. It would be much appreciated if this is possible. If not, sorry for the inconvenience caused.


    February 21, 2009 at 9:04 pm

  2. hi Cn, first of all, thanks for dropping by… i’m totally fine with that… if you got some space in the reference i would be more appreciated if you quote my blog address which is on it … … but if you couldn’t do it then it’s fine … i’m totally fine with you taking the photos up … sharing is good =D

    Boon Ming

    February 21, 2009 at 10:04 pm

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