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Hi!! Another bumper issues of RANDOM PHOTOS!! The photos are all totally random.. haha… and all of them were actually taken quite recent… Enjoy!!


Malacca River, Malacca Trip ’08


Bird Nest Tart, cheat money one.. hahaha…


Caesar Salad, Cartel Restaurant


my roomie sleeping, i told you this will be random right? … lol …


LAGENDA Opening Ceremony, Freshmen Orientation Camp ’08


so many New Waters for goodies bag!!! @.@


one of the Gardens in exhibition, Singapore Flower Festival ’08




New Macho Photo…


more BALLS and soup, Supper Gang random lunch steamboat

I said it’s all random and I will end this post with the ULTIMATE RANDOM PHOTO!! How random is it? Here you go!!

Title of Photo “3 Act Cute People” From left: Jacky, Sean, Yok Yin… =.=”

That’s all for now.. More coming up…


Written by Boon Ming

August 26, 2008 at 2:37 am

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