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Hi hi!! Just back from SHELL interview and still wondering whether want to go for classes or not.. haha.. anyway let’s get started on my journey to my first ever OFFICIAL Job Interview!!

Okay.. it was an internship interview but hey! It’s still a job okay?!! lmao…

So I woke up around 7am this morning and I was too blurred that time to realise I’ve got a interview to attend. After 10 minutes of blur-ness I got my butt moved and started preparing myself for the interview. I departed from NTU at 8am sharp (I’ve never been on time for long time so far..) so that I could be on time for my interview at SHELL House on 10am.

This is my first time, to be exactly caught on the massive crowd in Singapore. All office workers were catching up for their work and I was cramped inside one of the MRTs. My god!! I couldn’t even breathe for awhile… Hardly imagine that I am going to be one of them in merely 2 years time. I don’t want!!

Then I got down to Clarke Quay and took some photos…

 Mid-Autumn Festival Decoration at Clarke Quay

 Tiger Lantern…

 hmm… you should know what is this…

 quiet Clarke Quay 1

 I’ve never seen Clarke Quay so quiet before…

Then I saw my destination!! SHELL House !!

 can you spot the SHELL ?

When I first entered the building, the feeling was totally different ler.. haha… Don’t know how to express… lol… but the security quite tight lor… I was asked to smile at the reception counter so that they could capture my handsome face and printed this name tag for me…

 yaya.. my host’s name… i know… cute right?

They even stated out their HOUSE RULES, read Rule #3..

When moving around the building, hold tha handrail on stairs and escalators, DO NOT run, read or send text messages…

so i didn’t dare to take out my phone at all the time.. lol

Then Mi-Mi came out and told me that I was early (I looked at my phone and it showed 9.25am), so she asked me to walk around and so I walked around…

 front view, take this to reception of SHELL

 campaign in SHELL, safety is their major concern!!

Haha, then it’s time and so I went in and my host brought me to level 4 into a small room. And so I had my first interview ON!!!

Outside the room can see others department’s work.. haha…

So there came my interviewer which was another lovely lady, briefly introduce herself as Miss Lilian and then brief me on how the whole interview process should go through. Then here we go!!

The interview divided into 3 major parts. First one which is to ask me which career preference that I would like to join in SHELL and some personal updates. Second will be personal assesmment on my achievement and relationship. (i think i screwed up a lil bit here) while the last section is to discuss an global issue related to a MNC with my interviewer. I was given 4 topics to choose from and out of the 4 choices, SURPRISINGLY I’VE CHOSEN A TOPIC THAT WAY BEYOND MY MAJOR COURSES which is diversity and inclusiveness strategy. (wtf is that?! you might ask.. haha… as an engineering student i was kind of surprised when i chose that also.. lol… I think i totally screwed up on this part…lol)

Anyway I didn’t expect myself to be so calm throughout the interview because before this, I knew I was the kind of guy that got nervous very easily and out of expectation, I was able to answer questions almost on the spot and spontaneously (with sensible answers lah..) Hahaha… anyway… Don’t care la.. I hope can get it la.. if not also never mind.. take it as an experience so that next year i can try again!!! lmao

I think I crap a lot also… hahaha… sometimes the interviewer would stop me and asked,

I would like you to give just one specific example on how you … …

and then I was like… oh shoot, i crap again… lol

Hahaha… The whole interview took about 50 minutes and once it was done. The interviewer wrapped up with Q&A session. Then I was guided out of the building la.. lol (not by security but the nice HR interviewer… lol) The whole process was quite fun la.. At least I didn’t freak out… hahaha

So gotta prepare for tomorrow’s quiz!! Gambate desu!!


Written by Boon Ming

September 12, 2008 at 1:12 pm

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