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Hong Kong Day 5 – Part II (cont’d)

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After a long break, let us back to the Hong Kong trip!! Hahaha… I’ve fnd a way to collage the photos so no more eyes pain la!! lol…

What we did after we visited Stanley Market and Causeway Bay??!

– Taking peak tram to the Peak of Hong Kong

– Visited Madamme Teresa House of Wax… lol (actually i forgot all the English name of the places so I simple whack one lar.. haha.. got the meaning can adi lar), inside they’ve got a ghost house and since it’s free and so i just anyhow whack lor.. hahaha… it’s free!! lol

– Stayed and had a night view of Hong Kong city from the peak

– Went down to SOHO (Lan Kwai Fong) to visited the Pubs + Bars street there… and “dapao” the famous roasted duck/pork/char siew rice from YUNG KEE (镛记) i had never had a so expensive ever roasted pork rice in my life… hahahaha … HKD38 if not mistaken for roasted pork + char siew rice… muahaha… the taste is ok lar… lol… just OKAY ok?!! i tasted a better one on the next few day and it’s MUCH cheaper lor… hahaha

– what else? have a look at the pictures la.. haha click at the pictures to have a bigger view… lol



Written by Boon Ming

September 14, 2008 at 10:06 pm

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