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Birthday Post

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I wanted to post about my birthday celebration. UNFORTUNATELY i don’t have the photos with me so guess you guys will have to wait another few days…

But I would like to take this chance to thank everyone slowly.. one by one…

First of all, my roomie, Jacky for faking the whole thing for me, didn’t expect the celebration at all thanks to his cover-up.. haha… also my dear coursemate Wy Leong, for putting up the whole show… and all others who showed up.. I wanna write down all your names but … hahaha … … THANK YOU LAR !! I really paiseh ler.. thanks you all for showing up to celebrate this ‘little’ guy’s birthday!!!! Really ah, I feel very lucky to be in NTU and knowing all of you … …

Then thanks to Yen Suan for putting another 2 shows, one from my OG Getsuno, really appreciate it ah!! Though everyone is having CAs or quizzes that time you all still willing to come out and celebrated for me… Really thanks to you all!!

The third time was yesterday, where the SUPPER GANG and friends putting up the FINALE to my celebration. That was really cool oh… Though the whole journey I was like very excited and kinda expecting something but at the same time feel scared dunno what you all will do to me… hahaha … … Then after getting my *SHOCKING* present… hahaha … you know what… sometimes when you too shocked then you don’t have any expression anymore… that was what i kinda feel … lol

Thanks to all of you!! For giving the unforgettable 22nd Birthday in My Life… T.T

*crying in the corner now… *sob sob…

Want to know what gifts I’ve got? Then you have to find out more lor…

hehe… happy ler…


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September 19, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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