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Prison Break 4!!

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Before I post more about my birthday, my other stuff… I really want to tell you about this new season of PRISON BREAK 4!!!! 

It’s coming back ALIVE with brand new take… And I think it’s gonna be MUCH MORE BETTER than its disappointing season 3!! So far the first episode of season 4 had been quite promising by “fixing” a few disappointment that we saw in season 3!! Haha..

More spoilers ahead!! Be careful!!1. Sara Tancredi is still alive!! It’s so great that they brought Sara back!! Though the plot is a bit forceful but it’s so nice to see her back to the show!! Hooray!!

2. Brand new mission!! I don’t how should we name the new show since we are not dealing with matters about breaking the prison anymore… lol… it’s all about hunting down THE COMPANY!! Cool!!

3. All of them (except T-Back) are allies now!! lol

4. The infamous and amazing tatoos that Michael Scofield once had, is now no more… lol… Wonder what will they put in this new season on his body… hahaha…

5. New enemy… New environment… New Conspiracy lying ahead!! Only on the brand new SEASON 4 of PRISON BREAK!!

Must watch ah!! Back to the same intense season 1 again!!


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September 22, 2008 at 1:46 am

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