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Surprise Cover – Umbrella 会喷饭的

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Hey dude… It’s so happened that I like this cover of Umbrella very much!! Share with you all!! Keep playing in my laptop nonstop!! hahaha… The video is hilarious…

To see the effect of the videos you must watch both original and the rock cover of the song UMBRELLA by Rihana (rock cover by Vanilla Sky)

Original UMBRELLA by Rihana

Rock Cover by Vanilla Sky

Review: What Makes the Video *Success*?

Original : Rihana sitting pose

versus with a more *eye-opening* pose …

Not disgusting enough? Then we have the sexy body touching part by Rihana…


Guess he’s a bit over enjoying himself with the touching… Then we have Rihana playing the CGI water effect…


Guess that’s all?! Not yet!! Then we have the talented Rihana doing the difficult ballet move…

Then we have the *princess* (omg what color is that outfit… …)

Thought finally we got a break?! Here comes the face of the ballet dancer…

*fainted* ?! Don’t !! Cause the show is far from over… Hahaha. .. The most interesting part of the original UMBRELLA video is that Rihana pose *nude* (but of course not shown in the video) for the music video… I’m not sure she’s wearing anything but who cares?! Haha… She’s painted with gold color and dude that’s super hot…

So guess you’re happy now? How about seeing this?

Muahaha… Quick quick thank me for making you losing your appetite for dinner/lunch/breakfast or whatever… this is what we called AMAZING remake!! Hahaha … 

Overall I like the rock version of the song… Not bad (apart from the video they made!! hahaha… … dude it’s too funny til you pew…) And WAIT!! I guess they have made the REAL Rihana TULAN liao …

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September 26, 2008 at 11:11 am

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