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Kukup Trip I

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Haha! Finally! It’s dark night and I’m free to use the internet and hopefully the speed is ok for me to upload all the fun and show to you all!!

Last week Dec 11 – 13, me and my so called <<SUPPER GANG>> (’cause we went for supper so often in the past, but not anymore during the last semester, so someone actually called for an agenda and a meeting to discuss to change our gang name during this trip – did we change our name? You will know later… hehe) went to Kukup, Johor (near Pontian) for a relaxing trip!! 

Kukup is just a fishing village and more like a relaxing trip rather than an exotic adventurous travel… So don’t expect me eating fried grasshopper or whatsoever… But we do have a lot of fun there!! Supper Gang mah!! Hahaha…

This is the house we stayed … 1 night RM400 but splitted by 16 people… actually can fit in 30 people!! lol …

Kukup Laut Fishing Village view…

I will follow you… Follow you wherever you may go~~~ lol

Day 1

Got the *feeling* or not? lol…

The nature and man-made…

Got some free time while the girls were busy setting up the karaoke… I slipped out and took all these shots… wakakaka…

Preparing the BBQ dinner… can see the sky not so good huh? Anyway we not going out lar… haha


BBQ “Ah Pek” (aka. Min Ruey, the Welfare Officer) with his LO2 LUI2 (aka. Yen Suan)

Karaoke whole night… from morning til midnight … … anytime u want !!

Girls’ Room … scarier than guys’ room…

Will continue Day 2 later… hehe…


Written by Boon Ming

December 20, 2008 at 12:03 am

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  1. nice trip, i have already uploaded our gathering photos in facebook, check it out, comrade


    December 20, 2008 at 6:06 pm

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