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Kukup Trip 2

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After a disastrous BBQ dinner with non-stop playing and chit chatting and etc etc … We slept around 4am. We promised ourselves to wake up to see the sun rise in the early morning.

Day 2

9am. Yes. We woke up and we saw the sun riseD! πŸ˜›

Amazingly the guys woke up earlier than the girls!! Haha… So we got some time to took some shots! Sorry lar girls!!

12pm! Finally everyone is ready! So we are heading out to have our lunch and paintball session!! πŸ™‚

On the way out for lunch, perhaps we are too hungry already until the face like this…

Even during the lunch also like act like this, PJ must be very hungry…

Title: “The Sexy Electrifying Noodle” (observe the noodle carefully)

A cat we spot when we are eating… lol

Then we proceed to the paintball field and eagerly waited for the sports… BUT… IT’S FULLY BOOKED!! My god!! So no other choice but to walk to other place… T.T

We proceed to Tanjung Piai (pronounce as TAN-JUNG PI-AI, not PI-AH-EE as what I thought… lol) aka. The Southern Most Point of Asia Continent that lies in Johor. Sounds very amazing right? Don’t put too mush hope!! lol

Nothing much you can do in this park. Just enjoy the scenery and play around with friends!! We even play games on this jetty far away on the sea! Scarryyy…

Then we reached back to Kukup quite early, so we decided to give the board cruise and fish breeding site visit a try!! RM 5 per person and it’s worth it!! πŸ™‚

The boat took us around Kukup!!

Then somebody is bored… KC, What did you do when we were asleep after 4am this morning?!!Β 

Β Can make bookmark using this picture hor?! lol

Then we reach to a Fish Breeding Site…

Then we pose… Mana tau…

And the best photo of the day… lol

Hungry liao then what?? Hehe… Go back eat lor!! lol

Then we headed for ICE KACANG first before going for our dinner… Hehe… Weird right? Why desert first? lol..

It’s actually only 5.30pm. Still quite early so we decided to go for Ice Kacang first… haha… Then we proceed to our Seafood Dinner lor!! Here we come!!!

First dish… Fried Kai Lan !!

Second Dish… Sweet and Sour Crab!! Not bad oh… but the gravy mah mah onli… haha …

Then is Fried Sotong!! This one a bit disappointed… Doesn’t taste any like sotong at all… >.<

4th dish – Fried Toufu… Specially for my table because Yen Ting is a vegetarian… hohoho…

5th Dish – Rojak Chicken… Not bad oh… How does it taste like? It tastes like eating Rojak and Chicken at the same time lor.. haha

I forgot to take the MAIN AND MOST DELICIOUS OAT PRAWN… Haihz… It’s so nice that it finished in a split second!! lol…

After the delicious meal… hehe… Photo formation again!!

Then we walked around the small town of Kukup…

Proceed to water game of the day!! Haha… The sea in Kukup is too dirty but we still can play water ya!! lol

Christmas comes a little early for us! πŸ™‚ Next we have gift exchange session!! πŸ™‚ This is what I give…

This is what I receive…

And we play and play and play … … Zzzzzz …

Day 3 – Last Day

We departed to Pontian… For some food there before heading back… BAK KUT TEH!! lol … Food that I hunger for long in Singapore… This is ok nia… but since I didn’t taste something like this for long time I still think it’s nice lar… haha

It looked so nice that its bones looked delicious to me too!! lol

=== THE END ===


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