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Pizza for Christmas … What for New Year ?

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Hi all! Long time no see! I’m back to NTU and so I think I should be able to update as regular as I can. I’m going for a camp later on and will be back on New Year Eve. I’ve got no plan at all yet, but surely I want to spend it specially this time around.

So what to update you guys? So many things happened…

1. My last sem results sucks… The Suckest of All Times… It dragged me down to the edge of Second Upper Class… Going down to Second Lower anytime soon… >.< I never expected it coming like this!! WTH!!

2. I got an IA company in Tuas and pretty looking forward into it. Will update to you all when it’s time… 😛

3. I baked pizzas with my mother for the last Christmas… hehe… Show you some…

  cooking the ingredients…

 the sauce… yummy

 here’s the pizza … pre-bake

 didn’t buy mozarella or pamesan cheese… whatever… just put cheedar cheese lor… hohoho…

 in the oven… can’t wait any longer…

 here’s the pizza!! i tell it taste much better than it looks!! 😛

4. I made lagsana too… but forgot to take picture… lol

5. I won a mp3 player from my work 3 weeks ago… hohoho… tell more in next post…

Stay tuned ya!!

Happy 2009 !!


Written by Boon Ming

December 29, 2008 at 11:24 am

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