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Again… Advance-blog… Now I’m posting for the future!! 🙂 (today is Jan 7 and I know that I would be too busy to blog later… ZzZZZZzz)

Working has been hectic… a bit stress also… haha…hopefully it will be better…

I’m going to post more photos from a camp that I attended last month!! 🙂 In UTM!! Last time tak kira lah coz I only got a few photos only… Now show you more!! Had fun and knew some friends too!! I miss you all a lot ler!! 😛

all participants i guess? no.. some went out to eat the “cake” i think … lol

taken with Mr. Lau … ex-NTV 7 Newsreader … a very inspiring speech!! bravo!!

<<Chun Li>>’s mother!! lol…

random shot!! 😛

ooops… my socks… paiseh…

wy leong had his ‘first’ time … my god…

cute ler?

even more cute right??! (vomit)

hehe… she’s from UM de…

Fuad… eh.. who’s behind us?!


Written by Boon Ming

January 9, 2009 at 12:01 pm

Posted in Boon Ming, Photos

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