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I can’t believe I’m doing this…

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It’s a weird and random thing. This morning suddenly I was approached by a lady and asked to promote her website selling fruit + flowers. It sounded quite weird right? I was like… Huh?! My blog got so famous meh?!?! Hahaha…

Never mind, since it’s a request then I mah do lor.. Really ah.. I got no pay at all. So I’m just purely mention about it and not doing any advertisement here.

Yummy Flowers (

Yummy Flowers is their name. At the first strike I was like, ‘yummy’? ‘flowers’? So it must be some sort of organic food website and when I open mana tau …

It’s a very cute and beautiful fruit decoration + food. 

They have used fruit and arrange them nicely either in a box, pot, cup, glass, wineglass or whatever that is deemed classy. The ‘flowers’ are so nice that, when someone sent it to me, I would wonder for minutes that whether I should eat them or not?!

If I were to keep them and put in the fridge for months, it would have moulds. 

Haha… damn cute right?! But then when I go further and browse through more of their products. I discover more!! There are even ‘flowers’ for valentine!!! How sweet?! (really sweet coz it’s made from strawberries… LOTS OF THEM!!)

Then I browsed more and looked at the price… !! STUNNED !! Seriously it costs quite a bit for the luxury like this…

Sweet Melon Marble and Stawberry costs RM90

And you can either buy ‘a pot of flowers’ (RM145) or ‘a glass of flowers’ (RM185) for your girlfriend if they said that sending real flowers is not practical for them, at least for this you still can EAT it !!

Well.To be honest with you. I’ve never tried it. It’s really like a sky-high price for me (since I don’t have a girlfriend yet). Anyway what they are trying to sell is their specialty and craftmanship that really attractive!

Seriously, it’s really creative nowadays that when you present flowers to others and both of you still can share and eat it! 🙂

(oh my… i ruined my chance of ever getting another company asking me to write about their products anymore… lol)


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January 20, 2009 at 7:52 pm

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