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i bought something from Taiwan

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(written on Jan 23, Friday, by this time I should be in Penang cleaning my grandma’s house or snoring like a dead pig…)

I bought 2 DVDs (YES, I’VE CHECKED thatthese DVDs cannot be bought elsewhere in Malaysia nor Singapore) also for pre-order I would get a free collective 2009 calendar!! Haha… Guess what? Yes.. I bought the ORZ Boys movie!! Haha…

Hopefully it would be nice.. Or I will kill myself from buysing this nonsense all the way from Taiwan. By the way it’s cheap la… I won’t spend much money if it’s too expensive. So don’t think I’m getting rich because of my industrial training or whatsoever and don’t try to contact me for any free meal !!

Also… They used DHL service!! Just to tell you that even the financial crisis struke heavily on the whole world… DHL is still a very promising company that still carry on their flight as usual, delivering goods on time. Below is an evidence:

The package was picked up from the premise by 3.26pm yesterday in Taipei, and it departed Taipei by 11.27pm that night and reached Singapore by6am this morning (while I still snoring like a pig…) and it arrived at the delivery facility in Singapore and now I think the package is readily waiting for me with honey on !@$%&^!^&*(*&@^#yVYHJd!%7632$^#%@ CENSORED ……. in my room by the time I got back from work. =P Can’t wait!!

Perhaps I still can watch a movie before taking the bus back?!

Ciao! And safe journey home!!

#UPDATE: Before I go back from my office, I checked for awhile and AS MY EXPECTATION, It has already arrived and waiting for me in the room covered with HONe….. !@%#^$&*(*#&@^%!$%^&* CENSORED…


Written by Boon Ming

January 24, 2009 at 9:24 am

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