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Too Free on CNY (ooops)

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This year’s CNY is a little bit different for me. I will tell you more those when I got more time later. 🙂

I’m quite free to read on and did one of the test on WHAT TYPE OF SINGAPOREAN BLOGGER are you?  thingy and found out that I am Mr. Miyaki type Singaporean Blogger!! (so bo liao… =.=”  … like this also can play…) I’m sure you all know him more or less… Or at least you heard of his name.. I first knew about him through the Mr. Brown’s show on the something called PIMP MY RIDE or something… Anyway with his japanese-sound-a-like name I imagined he more looking like this…

OK. Enough joke… Now back to the results…

Congratulations BooNMiNG, you are…

Mr Miyagi of

You are witty, and you know people from places. Those two qualities and others make you a very popular person among your peers, because they want to hear you dish out filthy backstage gossips. You also have a knack for inventing new words to suit yourself. You are a very loyal friend, and would jump into the ocean if your friend asked you to. And that’s probably gonna happen if your friend gets too jealous of you getting all the girls/guys.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?



So… if I had imagined him to look like tat then I must look like this eh?

OK. Bad drawing… =.=”


Then after 12am (when it’s officially Chinese New Year, I still can’t fall asleep so I did one more quiz which is .. HOW MALAYSIAN BLOGGER YOU ARE… And the result is quite entertaining…

Congratulations BooNMiNG, you are…

Kenny Sia of

You have it all, or so you think. Big balls, big bird, big everything. Also a big heart and ever-ready big hug to give out to everybody who needs one. But you didn’t know this. You’re the one who need a hug the most. So hugs to you!

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?


Well… I sure have big balls, big birds, big heart and big heart. Eh… But I know I am lonely and needs many many hugs now… lol Then my face expression must be like this ah??

The difference is… There is no one else to do this kind of picture for me like Kenny… hahaha… (like i wish to…=.=”)


Written by Boon Ming

January 26, 2009 at 12:01 am

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