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Days in Singapore

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More and more reflection during these festive seasons as I am too free so I can think more about what is my future and which direction I am heading. I guarantee that this entry will be superbly inevitably LOOOOOONG … Please bear with me for 10 minutes as I took hours to write these down with my heart.

This pose is somehow VERY SIMILAR to some infamous politician in Malaysia… hmm… I wonder who will that be?

Talking about memories… I am going to put up some long-time-never-been-seen photos up here back to the days where I just reached Singapore for my studies. I remember that I don’t have a camera to take down every moments but I’m sure I still remember every moment vividly in my mind til now.

I still remember my parents watching me walked into the night KTM Train heading for Singapore that night. I noticed my sister dropped a tear right at my back. I knew I was not away for very long. Singapore is not far, but still it was one of the checkpoint in my life, where I needed to leave my family and started my new chapter in somewhere else with my family far away.

Flowers for me? Or flowers from me? Nah! I don’t have a girlfriend…

No more mother waking me up for school each morning. No more breakfast prepared nicely everyday. No more people to remind me something I usually ignored. No more help from parents as it used to be. No morefree transportation I usually picked up from my father. No more nice home lunches and dinners. No more a warm greeting and care from my mother I got once in a while when I was too tired studying. No more brothers and sister bothering me with their stupid homeworks nor other idiotic small issues.

My life is no more the same as it used to be!

yea.. My life has never been the same ever… Always become ‘daddy’ for other people.. even in drama.. =.=”

The days I spent in Singapore has formed another side of me. I won’t say that I’ve changed much after staying at this place for almost 3 years but what I agree is that I’ve changed. More or less, I’ve changed!

wow, I didn’t know I was so buff that time… =.=” .. ORRRRR have I ever been?? =.=”

I have friends, coursemates, groupmates, professors, lecturers, colleagues, aunties, uncles, babies etc… told me that I am more Singaporean that I used to be. I was like .. “What the fuxk?” “Really?” I would swear LOUD LOUD in a very AH BENG voice “WHAT LAR!!!? I AM STILL VERY MALAYSIAN OKAYYYY?!!!” But to be honest to my own self, for the sake, deep down in my heart… I try to reflect hardly. Which side I am really at?

I am a little struggle on figuring out that one. After staying almost 3 years in Singapore, my accent more or less changed. I didn’t realise that one, SERIOUSLY!! But I still have friends that would tell me that I still have the heavy MALAYSIAN CANTO accent, but when I spoke less Mandarin and more English I’m totally Singaporean.

Sunset in NTU…

I give another BIG CONFUSING LOOK “HUH?!” What do you mean by that?? I thought English IS SUPPOSED TO SOUND THE SAME in all regions especially in Malaysia and Singapore?! Aren’t they?!

Or I swear and complain too much in English that make me very Singaporean nowadays. It’s one of the very ‘good’ habits that you won’t want to forsake for your own good!!! Any problem? Any trouble? Just complain lar!!!! You don’t like your neighbour listen to loud rock music when you are studying?? Complain lar!! You don’t like people gather around together having their own sweet moment while BBQ-ing??? Complain lar!! You don’t like people blocking your way in the office while everyone is so busy walking around?? Complain lar!! Don’t like the phone service?? Complain lar!! SERIOUSLY I BET YOU CAN EVEN COMPLAIN YOUR OWN PARENTS IN YOUR HOME THERE~~~ (seriously I’ve seen people doing that okay?!!!!)

Or does it matter? Does it matter how Malaysian or how Singaporean I am?? I am holding a blue Malaysian IC. I am holding a browm passport with the big PASPORT MALAYSIA words on it. I still remember LAGU NEGARAKU whenever it’s played. I still remember the Lima Rukun Negara (ok, I gave up this one…) I concern for Malaysia news. I concern for the development of Malaysia. I am still planning to come back to serve the country. (crap lar!!! Don’t fake fake lar…) Anyway I am still 100% Malaysian in me. Singapore and Malaysia were once together. Or should I say, we are the people of the world!! (*whoa…)

Really, I don’t want to go further into that because it would be another huge long story. But staying here in Singapore has made me a little bit different from what I was in the past. 

Here… I learn to be more professional.

I can’t say that I learn to be more stylish but at least more professional… (the SAD FACT: NO MONEY TO BE STYLISH…)

Wait a minute, I do have a sense of fashion… haha… Check my hair color …

Once upon a time, I dyed my hair okay?!!! hahaha…

Not only that, as my age is nearer to join the working force, I got more chances and opportunity to see the real work force.

My first ever big company interview in SHELL Singapore office…

I get to know more people from really really diversed backgrounds, from ang mo to fellow Malaysians, that happily live ever after. Unlike universities in Malaysia where students fight to take over the student power in the campus. I won’t say it’s bad but I believe that the government should provide a better environment for students to study and involve more in the intellectual or whatever regarding their and the country’s future, BUT NOT TO DRAG THE POLITICS INTO THE CAMPUS!!! Man they won’t understand after all these years!! *sad…

Wy Leong, one of the best mates I have in NTU…

Frau Geiser – My German teacher for 1 year…

By the way, I had the opportunity to learn German and French. So now I am officially a 5-language-speaker!! (shoot… My German and French still sucks la… haha)

I learn to have real fun. Fun at anything. Eating… Playing… And even giving back to the society!!

One of my first projects in Singapore, performing for the children in several libraries…

Hmm… Also one of the most expensive meals I ever had in Singapore (and my life…)

Well I hope I was not influenced by Singaporeans’ mentality then? lol… But if allowed, I would rather work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard and die… than work hard, save hard, work hard, save hard, play a bit, work hard, work hard … and die. =.=”

Also thanks to my university life (not particularly to my university because so far it has contributed NOTHING to my overseas trips thus far) I have been able to travel to several countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China (Macau) and Macau. I am really grateful that I got such chances to go overseas and see so many stuff. Really… All these happened only after I first got my passport to Singapore for my study… 

Cambodia… My second overseas country to step on (after Singapore)

The trip really opened my eyes onto what is the real definition on DEVELOPING COUNTRY. We, Malaysians, are way too fortunate than them. 

Also I realised that they might need the toys more than us, so before I departed for the Cambodia-Vietnam trip, I packedand gathered a full bag of OLD toys from relatives and friends and brought over to them! 🙂 You can see from the picture below where Haksym helped me to distribute to the kids!! If you looked carefully my friend is holding my name… so paiseh…

Vietnam… Another faithful trip…

A very interesting city… And I had my first ever ALMOST-GOT-ROB experience here in the middle city of Ho Chi Minh…

I was here to have a 2-week community service project. It was mind-opening, heart-warming and totally a very special experience for me!! And I met a really really special kid there… If I were allowed I really wished I could take him home… Really…

I don’t know if I had told you all this but I will surely tell you about this again. After visiting this orphanage place, I couldn’t stand the kids’ living condition that I cried non-stop… Really I just couldn’t stand it anymore even though I told myself that I must hold my tears because I AM A MAN AND MAN CANNOT CRY (and damn i screwed that…)

Hong Kong, Shenzhen + Macau … the most expensive trip I ever had (i had only 2 trips anyway)

Wow… I didn’t expect the length of this entry can be so… AMAZING!!! Sure will enter the final of longest blog entry of the century… So that’s all I wanna share!! See ya!!



Written by Boon Ming

January 28, 2009 at 12:08 am

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  1. haha..i am also multi-languages speaker..
    english, chinese, canto,malay, hakka, hokkien and currently learning burmese, filipino and tamil from my colleagues..


    January 28, 2009 at 5:04 pm

  2. waliew… dialects also count then countless liao… wakakaka

    i want to learn tagalog … … must teach me ah …

    Boon Ming

    January 28, 2009 at 10:05 pm

  3. far i only know
    “naki lala kita” – nice to meet you!


    January 29, 2009 at 12:52 am

    • u sure it’s Tagalog?? hahaha

      i just know pinoy pinoy pinoy and pinoy … haha … it’s everywhere !!! lol does it mean Philippines?

      Boon Ming

      January 29, 2009 at 8:12 am

  4. haha..will help u to ask my colleague next time!

    btw i jz realized something…what’s hinfei holding in his right hand ??


    February 3, 2009 at 2:46 pm

  5. haha… tat one you must ask him liao… hahaha

    Boon Ming

    February 3, 2009 at 4:33 pm

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