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Tiger and Your Work Life in 2009

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Hey all, how’s your Chinese New Year? Hope you slack enough for the long weekend and to those who is still having holidays until the end of this week… YOU SUCK!!! (actually i’m having the long holiday as well..haha)

Wanna post this fortune stuff for all the tigers out there… Here you are!

For you that cannot read properly due to the small font or you are not a tiger, you may try to ask for the whole forward email fortune via my email… Just drop me an email and I will try to forward to you as soon as possible

Anyway, want to tell you all more about my working life in Singapore. As a poor student in NTU, sometimes I tried hard to work my ass off to earn some extra pocket money just to keep surviving in this highly expensive country lifestyle. (but of course I NEVER USE MY ASS TO WORK!!) I’ve been working in many positions before and most of them are administrative jobs that sometimes I even confuse of my future… Haha…

I even remember one time when a professor referred me as a ‘cheap labor’ as a student helper in an administrative conference job. Anyway I met many great people and gladly speaking all of the bosses I’ve met thus far are very good and nice!! I’ve heard all those ugly stories in working life and really feel fortunate to be able to work for them for so long…

Enough words, I would like to share with you the last job I had. It’s coincidence that I got this offer and glad that I joined Shirley in working in a conference last month. Really glad!! As a student helper, my job was quite simple as I deal most with the registration and administrative job, most likely dealing with people and I found out that I was feelign more comfortable dealing with strangers and very happy to do it…Hmm… What does that mean?? =P Intriguing… lol

Shirley, one of the great people I met in Singapore!! 😛

And what’s so great about the last job that I had? As just a normal part time staff I got to visit Singapore Turf Club and had a banquet dinner there with all other people together!!First time I felt so “class” ’cause I was treated like a VIP. Hohoho…

Maybe the dinner wasn’t enough at all, how about a special treatment down to the track to see some REAL HORSES in close distance??

What? Close distance with the HORSES??

I was like “Wow!!” Too close to horses?? Will I get some horse kicking like this??

KNN… I not yet buy INSURANCE ok?!! But then without a blink I joined Shirley and her friend (secret ok?! Or I shall reveal her later… *evil smile)

See horse mah see horse lor… hahaha… Don’t care so much lar… Kena kick then only care lar … wakakaka.. (typical Manglish) Luckily I was lucky enough not to get the lucky kick from the horse named Lucky…

Cool eh? I know you mean me!! Not the horse K?!!!!

Also during the banquet dinner the organiser had a lucky draw too… We were given some coupons and we ought to choose horses that we had in mind to win a race, and they would draw a winner from the box!! It’s more or less like gambling without the money… So anyway I said WHY NOT?! So I had my chances in winning some of those attractive prizes…

Me happily pose in front of the boxes…

I thought I was going to win the BMW that night, then mana tau…

Then I won an Ipod Shuffle… Geng or not?!!! Then I thought I won an Ipod Shuffle, then mana tau…

It’s fake Ipod Shuffle… Great China!! You suck!!

Happy working there and I really enjoyed my work very much!! 🙂 Wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and for those who start working, GOOD LUCK!! Hahahahahahahaha…

p.s.: Introducing the people who sent me the photos… Thank her and only after 1 month I only know that she was once a very famous blogger back in KL… omg… I was like a small potato meeting a big fairy princess… oh oh oh …. hahaha … paiseh ler…

Shirley (aka my boss), me and FireAngel…

Written by Boon Ming

January 29, 2009 at 12:00 am

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  1. i also wan for rabbit!! =P


    January 29, 2009 at 7:46 pm

  2. give you liao oh…

    Boon Ming

    February 3, 2009 at 4:33 pm

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