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Got My Hands Dirty over…

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Sometimes… Do you ever feel guilty over something you have done?



Sometimes… Do you feel sad over something you wish you didn’t do?



Sometimes… Do you feel angry that you wish to turn back in time to start it all over again?



Do you have those feelings… when you got your hands dirty??



When you got your both hands into something REALLY DIRTY??!



Ya, this is how I feel exactly right now!! This time…I really got my hands deep dirty … into …



into … my work lar!!



For those people working hard outside, cheers and happy working!! =D

p.s.: next updates on my trip back to Penang and my old friends gathering in KL… It’s gonna take a little while longer than usual because finally I am busy with my work ya!! Stay tuned ah!! :p


Written by Boon Ming

February 4, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Posted in Boon Ming, Updates

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