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Food Review: Tian Tian Steamboat

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Last week’s Monday, the 4 heroes of NTU broke through high securities and risk our lives to test the food for you all!

There, in fact so many steamboat shops along the Bugis street that we didn’t know which one to choose. So we simple chose one and tried and review them here. Remember what I said in the previous post?! The ones that make it worth to be mentioned on my blog is either too good or so bad like shit and needs improvement a lot. This one for sure tops the latter.

Aunty Min Ruey making calls to confirm is this the right shop…

You might think, how bad a steamboat can be since everywhere is the same where you throw everything that you want to eat into the boiling soup??

To be honest with you, you are totally wrong if you think like that!

Don’t be fooled by my photo, my skills are so good that it makes everything so nice to be put into your mouth… =.=”

With the price of SGD16.30 (nett) you can get better food somewhere else. My god, though it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT but it’s a torture if you were to face with the same variety of food for the period of 2 hours …

In fact we were bored with the food after 2 rounds… The remaning rounds we were just trying to eat for the money value. =.=”

We ordered 2 soups which one is the super spicy soup (麻辣) and bones soup (排骨). The spicy one is spicy without any special taste… I was disappointed because I thought the spicy should be taste better than this (’cause I’ve tested much better spicy soup okay?!! in Sentosa.. =P)

In fact it was so bad that after a few rounds, I gave up and ended up eating this nonstop as snacks… =.=” What a waste of SGD16…

A “BEACH HOTEL” in the centre of the Singapore city, GREAT!!

With that, I made my conclusion, with the 16 dollars you have in hands, go try other food and that is much worth that these.




Written by Boon Ming

March 7, 2009 at 2:56 am

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