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My Darling Tibby!! (Nokia 5800)

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My Darling has finally arrived. (actually 1 week ago)

Photos are not taken directly from my darling. My darling a bit shy ’cause still new here.=)

Being the first touchscreen phone from Nokia. My darling has definitely caught my and a lot of other people’s eyes!!

I am sorry for posting up this late because I am afraid that my parents will find this out but since in anyway they are going to find this out so I decided to post this up now. =P

Sorry daddy and mummy I really cannot save for this one! =(

I will die die diet until I save more on other stuff lah… I cannot live without my darling already…


More update and review coming up!! So stay tuned!!


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March 12, 2009 at 8:44 am

it’s GOOD to be here…

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After a week of sorrowful atmosphere in the campus, I urge you to watch this before we proceed further.


Well.. It’s GOOD to be here, isn’t it?


If you think that there’s nothing left for you to care, think again…


If you feel hopeless, think again…

The Best Things in Life aren’t THINGS


If Nick Vujicic, can do it. Why can’t we?

If you think it’s the end for you… How about him?

Imagine, what would you do…


Usually when we lost a game we would swear to our heart that we tried so hard yet we couldn’t get what we wanted. When we jealous of something over another person that we couldn’t get. When we tried to hard to complain of our lives that we never get satisfied with.

“Argghhh~~~ My results sucks big time!!”

“My parents won’t pay me for the school trip…”

“My friends bullied me..”

… …

Remember, time passes. No matter what you do. One second of anger. One second of jealousy. One second of sorrow.

We have to spend the time anyway, why not spend it in a meaningful way? Or simple — HAPPY WAY??


Yes, Life is full of mess and craps that we need to take care of. But not just you! WE ALL NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN MESS! But what makes the difference is HOW you face your mess…

Turn around, look it at another angle. It might be all different…

Enjoy loving others and enjoy being loved. Appreciate life! Because it’s so GOOD you can be here.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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It’s almost 3 days after “The Incident in NTU” that strike the whole NTU, Singapore and also some regions in grief. It cannot be denied that somehow this incident has brought attention to high officers in Singapore also in NTU the issues about STRESS that students might have in Singapore. How much attention am I talking about?!! Keep on reading and I will post on a statistic that shock me!!

Well, let’s leave the complicated part to those officers to worry about.

Perhaps we should concentrate more on the stuff that will make us happy.

It doesn’t mean we can be careless to all the stuff around us, but at least we take a short break and enjoy our moment. Usually I would enjoy the time even there are difficult times.

My colleagues

I remembered I had been to a fortune telling session before some years ago. By looking at my face, the fortune teller said I would have a “difficult life” because I have an “uneven” surface. Huh?! 

That means a lot of LOBANG on my face!!! Thanks to the pimples I’ve got since I was 13.

Not one by A LOT OF THEM!!

After that, I used to blame on my destiny everytime I face with challenges. 

When I think about that now, I know how stupid I am… Just to blame everything because what a fortune teller told me about my destiny and fate. Well, he might be right but let’s not surrender so fast to fate ok?

It’s a long journey by the way. No way we can give up in the early stage in our life!!

And that is why there are many things around us. Family, friends, music… so many things that will support us all the way til the end.

Double rainbow in Tuas, Singapore

Just hold on strong and you will see the rainbow in life. 

Angel hunger for your hug…

By the way, anyone of you got very nice facial products to recommend? I’m using Nivea Men Wash and Bio-Essence Super Spot Removal Gel on my skin nowadays. The Bio-Essence seemed quite good as it really removed the pimples…


Update: Tomorrow I will be posting on the statistic of visitor that came visiting to my blog moment AFTER THE INCIDENT… I was shocked to see that… =.=”

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March 5, 2009 at 2:21 am

SHOCKING NEWS: NTU Student Stabbed Professor, commited suicide afterwards

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Something happened in my campus today. Something so shocked that I took minutes off my work during my industrial training to think over this. Traumatized and unbelieving, that something like this could have happened in the university that I am in now…

To the family and friends of the victims and involved parties, condolences and to the student – R.I.P.


Update: 9:24PM

Our NTU President Dr. Su Guan Ning sent 2nd letter to the whole NTU population expressing the deep condolences with a clearer update from the incident. I don’t feel like posting the name of the person involved and if you insisted of knowing who he was, google from the net and not asking from me because I think this is at least some respect that he could earn for the last time. R.I.P. 


Dear Faculty, Staff and Students of NTU,

The parents of David H. Wxx., have been informed of the details. Together with Prof Kam Chan Hin, Chair of EEE, Prof Er Meng Hwa, Senior Associate Provost, and Ms Chua Poh Gek from the International Student Centre, I met Mr and Mrs Wxx. and on behalf of the Board of Trustees, management and the NTU community, expressed our heartfelt condolences at the tragic loss. No words can adequately describe how saddened we all are. The university extends every help possible to the family in their moment of grief. Our prayers are with them.

I visited Prof Chan Kap Luk who is recovering at the National University Hospital after surgery which lasted an hour and forty-five minutes. No main arteries or organs were damaged. I am heartened by the many students and colleagues who were also there to offer comfort and support.




Everyone has stress. Perhaps he just put it in the wrong way.





The student had apparently jumped from the glass rooftop of a bridge.

This morning, an undergraduate student from Electrical and Electronic Engineering School in NTU had just commited suicide in the campus today, after he stabbed his final year project supervisor and professor.

The seriousness cannot be neglected. And the whole campus is filled with dark cloud during the first day when students were back from their one-week recess.

Stress? Confusion? Frustration? Vengeance? Academic?

There might be a lot of reasons that on why and how the student just like me managed to do something like tat. With due all respect, I shall not come into any conclusion in that. What I am going to tell is just something that poured from my heart immediately after the incident.


It reminded my of the Columbine High School incident that happened in USA quite awhile ago, and I couldn’t believe that something like this could have happened in the school I am in! 

Stress. Yes. We are all in stress. For students in NTU (or perhaps NUS and SMU and others..), I CAN TOTALLY UNDERSTAND your feeling. Everyday is like war. Everyday we are filled with commitment and tasks to be fulfilled and no one second can be wasted.

Whatever we do, whatever we say in the campus, it all comes down to the final objective – Exam grade? Results? Or the ultimate degree certificate that we are going to get?


No I don’t think so!

Degree is important. But it is just a tool to open the path for you in your career when you are graduated. But whatever it is, it is just the opening part! And often when we concentrate on what we are aiming, sometimes we derail from the most basic stuff that we are supposed to pursue.


The society nowadays is derailed so much, that many of us mistake that Money is equal to a better life.

I do notice that in myself. I do wish I could have more money, thanks to the mindset of the society nowadays. Because without money you can’t do much for yourself.

But I realised that what we need is to earn what we could, and what we need.

The Last Samurai is a very good movie to remind yourself to be mediocre. Sometimes you walk a big round and return to the starting point, only to realise that what you really need is just some basic neccesities.

OK. Those are not reasons for you to slack off! I don’t mean that. What I am trying to convey here is… Sometimes, we need to slow down, look around, and enjoy.

Don’t be so serious. Just follow the flow of life. And you might find what you really want afterall.


p.s.: Seriously, from a stabbing incident I can talk all the way to something not related at all… =.=”

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March 2, 2009 at 2:36 pm

Something Fishy Coming into the House!

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Probably tonight.. Probably by this weekend… But I am extremely cautious and excited for this potential incoming electronic gadget!! Super excited lor!! Hahaha…

Hint: You can feel it. You can play it. You can touch it. =)

Anyone want to guess what is it?! Free kiss for correct guess! Seriously I cna’t wait for another minute!!

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March 2, 2009 at 10:48 am

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My Career Test

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Click here if you want to do your own.

Yaya.. I know.. I’m in the fuxking engineering field and it doesn’t appear on the list…

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February 28, 2009 at 12:18 am

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Which Place Did I Go?

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So after asking for all of your advice… finally.. the last Friday I made up my mind and…

I decided to…





Stay back in my room, watching my favorite shows, getting some LAYS bites…

Nerd… =.=”

my favorite and only beer, the only beer I’m not allergic to… =.=”

Actually it was hard… My friends asked me to postpone it since most of them can only make it next week to the WALA WALA bar and hence, I will be coming back for you!! Stay tuned!! =D

Meanwhile.. what’s the best snacks on the earth?? (so far…)

For me, I would yell “LAYS” loud and proud… Personally I prefer the “Salt & Vinegar” flavor the best!! Since it’s salty and sour at the same time and it definitely create some sort of lunatic experience each bite I am taking… =D

And it ain’t cheap.. this little big thing costs you SGD4 per pack… and it’s an expensive indulgence that you don’t get to enjoy everyday just because it’s damn too expensive for its small portion of it…

While other snacks cost only around SGD1-2… this AMAZING hugely packed monster actually looked huge on the outside, but still not much in the inside…

I definitely disappointed and disatisfied with its amount… yet it costs so much!!

Just because you are imported doesn’t mean you need to be more expensive okay?!!

Huge packet poured down in a container… =.=” … Why can’t they use smaller packaging.. that might save the cost and save the materials used … TALK ABOUT SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!!!

But what can I do??! It’s something that I like… But I only purchase it during intense time like after working and I felt wanna relax or especially during exam time. =/

Also bought a copy of Linkin Park’s Road to Revolution, a DVD + CD copy of their UK concerts… definitely a LP collectible if you are their fans!! =D

So that’s how I spent my last Friday night… But hey!! I’m still keeping my hope for the WALA WALA thingy.. I’m coming soon!!

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February 22, 2009 at 1:55 am