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Food Review: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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Walao eh…

The moment I walked into this coffee shop, the price is like SLAPPING me on the face.

Ouch!! That hurts!!

To be honest with all of you la… The taste of kaya toast, coffee, half-boiled eggs, can it be much different than those in the common KOPITIAM ?? How good is it that you willing to pay way so much for this?!

Well I am not a breakfast or KOPI type of person and so I am in no position to comment on that. But to me it’s just no worth it at all.

For what you want to “upgrade” the usual chinese kopitiam to STARBUCKS-like class and increase the price like there’s no tomorrow to earn money anymore?!!

So I am giving back a SLAP to them.

Nah!! Give you back!!

I can simply get a similar version of the same food for just SGD1.50 to SGD2.00 in my campus or SGD2.50 in any kopitiam outside.

Conclusion: Based on the price itself… 


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March 10, 2009 at 3:24 am

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Food Review: Tian Tian Steamboat

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Last week’s Monday, the 4 heroes of NTU broke through high securities and risk our lives to test the food for you all!

There, in fact so many steamboat shops along the Bugis street that we didn’t know which one to choose. So we simple chose one and tried and review them here. Remember what I said in the previous post?! The ones that make it worth to be mentioned on my blog is either too good or so bad like shit and needs improvement a lot. This one for sure tops the latter.

Aunty Min Ruey making calls to confirm is this the right shop…

You might think, how bad a steamboat can be since everywhere is the same where you throw everything that you want to eat into the boiling soup??

To be honest with you, you are totally wrong if you think like that!

Don’t be fooled by my photo, my skills are so good that it makes everything so nice to be put into your mouth… =.=”

With the price of SGD16.30 (nett) you can get better food somewhere else. My god, though it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT but it’s a torture if you were to face with the same variety of food for the period of 2 hours …

In fact we were bored with the food after 2 rounds… The remaning rounds we were just trying to eat for the money value. =.=”

We ordered 2 soups which one is the super spicy soup (麻辣) and bones soup (排骨). The spicy one is spicy without any special taste… I was disappointed because I thought the spicy should be taste better than this (’cause I’ve tested much better spicy soup okay?!! in Sentosa.. =P)

In fact it was so bad that after a few rounds, I gave up and ended up eating this nonstop as snacks… =.=” What a waste of SGD16…

A “BEACH HOTEL” in the centre of the Singapore city, GREAT!!

With that, I made my conclusion, with the 16 dollars you have in hands, go try other food and that is much worth that these.



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March 7, 2009 at 2:56 am

Cafe Cartel – Pork Ribs and others…

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Sorry for making your saliva dried this week with so many food comments. =/

Last Sunday, due to loneliness, me and Andrew decided to go on a date at IMM, Jurong East.

No lah!! You don’t seriously think I’m curved…

We then “shui-bian”-ly walked into one of the cafe and congratulations… My salary is donated to the profitable fund of Cafe Cartel…

Knowing that Cafe Cartel is one of the premium western cafe and restaurant in Singapore, my 2nd visit to this IMM branch was so-so. Especially the service, all I got was some cold look without a smile and most of the time I needed to exaggerate my actions to be noticed. 

OK. Into the topic of the day. The food is ok. Much better than New York New York in Jurong Point. Seriously I had my first ever Pork Ribs in New York New York, Jurong  Point and I was disgusted by it. 

But they are having promotion here in Cafe Cartel and each Pork Ribs meal costs only SGD13.80. Which is a bargain compared to other meal available on the menu. So I decided to give it a try again though in my mind I kept telling me DON’T!!

It turned out to be MUCH MUCH better! It saved my impression on Pork Ribs forever! =P

The sauce was good! The meat was good! Everything was upto standard and tell you that I never regret ordering this! Haha… The meat didn’t stick to the bones like what the New York New York did. And it was softer, much more softer compared to New York New York! Seriously, and the most important, IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU STOMACHACHE afterwards! ( 🙂  you know what I meant.. )

Free-Flow-of-Bread provided with any order.. Taste Good too!

Then I think it’s almost the end of the day so they were having half-price promotion for their soup and the cakes!! Hohoho… it’s GREAT DEAL but at the same time it injured our wallet…

Soup of the Day… so-so… =/

Orea Cheese Cake ordered by my dear Andrew… so-so…

My Blueberry Cheese Cake… ok ok lor…

And guess what?! Today is MangoDay!! Both of us ordered Mango-related drinks… =.=” how lovely…

I hope you all won’t misunderstand anything after this post. T.T

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February 25, 2009 at 9:04 am

Ajisen Ramen, Jurong Point

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Went to Ajisen Ramen, a newly open Japanese Restaurant in the new Jurong Point!! Cool!! So me and my 2 male friends decided to celebrate our Valentine’s Day there. Imagine 3 guys… eating in a restaurant… with full of couples all around… on a Valentine’s Day!

Hong Giap with his Valentine’s post…

So I ordered this CHA SIU Ramen which taste not bad afterall. Better than the Volcano Ramen that I ordered few days ago.

My friends ordered these “Bacon Ramen” and “Japanese Pizza” … hehe…

Honestly, I am fine with the food. Just fine. It doesn’t taste bad, nor it tastes very good that makes me wanna come back for more again. With the same price I do have a lot of other choices that may taste better. =P

Sorry Ajisen Ramen… you didn’t pay me well enough to talk something good for you oh… lol


By the way.. Happy Birthday to Yee Kiat!! Sorry bro that I couldn’t be there last weekend but seriously why no one asked me out to celebrate for you last Saturday de?! I totally had no idea at all oh… wth… very angry lor… very VERY ANGRY LOR…

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February 23, 2009 at 8:27 am

Food Review – Handle Bar

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OK. Time for some food review!

Last Friday, my roomie is so rich from his industrial attachment and scholarship (where people said, get big portion of PORK) and decided to give me a treat together with some friends in this special bar located quite far away from our varsity.

It’s Handle Bar.

Please forgive my SAMPA-ness. I’m George from the jungle. But telling you all honestly, I’ve never got to this kind of place before. Nor anything similar. Not to say the ambience is different than the ones I had in some other cafes or bars before, just that I’ve never see so many Ang Mos gathered around other than at the CBD. 

i can smell fish here…

Hey I can’t find that many Ang Mos even in Ang Mo Kio lor !!!

It’s definitely one very special place to be. Despite being catered to most Ang Mo clients,  it is renovated uniquely that sometimes I do get confused with their stuff… Like their menu…

At first sight I didn’t realise it is something that it was supposed to be.

And they have got all the wicky weird names for their dishes. Well, just how often do you “SLAP YO MAMA PORK CHOP” ???!!

Wy Leong got us this drink. Well being a GUAI GUAI ZHAI i never drank a cocktail before. Now it’s 1 glass.

FROZEN Magarita Tequila Sunrise… or whatever the hell name it has… =.=”

Then the main dish is out … first … is the SLAP YO MAMA PORK CHOP!

I bet you can see the portion of the dish just looking at the picture. Dude I swear I never photoshop it and it was what it supposed to be! I think it really deserved the name “SLAP YO MAMA” as it slapped mine… … oooops ..

But seriously, the first piece was nice to eat and chew and whatever you want to do with it but as time goes by, the 2nd piece seemed more like a torture to me… =.=” At $20 per plate, it’s quite worth it, just that you better finish it fast or suffer, that’s all…

Then the rest came up as well. While we were eating the 2nd piece and suffering like them below…

i want to slap yo mama… slap yo mama… slap yo mama!!!

While all of us were finishing up the side dishes… Wy Leong wondered where was his “Silence of the Lamb” ?

After 45 minutes long waited hunger, it arrived !! I bet it took a lot of effort and time to “SILENCE” the lamb before it got served…

Then as usual we won’t want to miss the special ambient around this special bar and restaurant! So we took the chance …

Not bad for a bar! Apart from the seats that we got were too mood-killing with super dim light, I guess everything was above average. Suprisingly, I think the price is still okay compared to those ‘class’ restaurant in the shopping mall. I would suggest you drop by here once awhile and perhaps you may meet a few girls wearing sarongs here…


At least in the bar, when you are thirsty… you can do this!

ooops… i mean this…

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February 13, 2009 at 12:21 am


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怎么说。。可能人太多了吧。。等很久,食物也不见的好吃。。。ok ok啦。。。




你看得出吗?哈哈哈。。。其实好像我在吃学校里面的那个CURRY KATSU罢了。。。哈哈哈。。。没有什么特色。。。SGD7.90!!





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January 4, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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Vivo Swensen’s Earle Outing

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Ha!! So happy coz I just got Canon 450D (not mine but I’ve got to try it!!!) 😛

Last Friday me and my team mate went to Swensen’s Earle Restaurant to have a distress session from the hectic NTU life… It was really a good restaurant oh at Vivo !! 🙂

Haha… Bao Ling (Sweet girl in my phone) and the cutest girl (in my phone) Su San acted cute before the lunch!! haha..

Khairi was late a lil bit but never mind… we will wait for you!! 🙂

Then the food we have been waiting for!!! 🙂

And I ordered this one… it’s a mixed braised duck with chicken breast with pepper sausages … yummy~~!

Then til my turn to act cute… =P

Then we had a walk around Vivo and watched the premiere of High School Musical 3 at GOlden Village. I’m not their greatest fans but the movie turns out to be quite okay… I mean OKAYYYY~~~!!! Hahaa… I like the songs and the choreo… Others… pls I don’t want to comment … haha …

Romance at Rooftop of Vivo~~~

Then we jumped…

And I jumped … … hopefully the customers won’t feel the shake in Vivo … =P

So I will upload more pictures of our drama last weekend once I get hold of them!! 🙂 Stay tuned!!!

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October 26, 2008 at 1:35 am

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