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Linkin Park Full Report

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Yea… I guess it’s time for the Linkin Park Live in Singapore full report. It’s going to be a long post so I’m going to give you some preview first… hehe…

   (source: MTV Asia)

Some more I went for their meet and greet ! Means that I shoke their hands!! Omg that’s one great experience… For full report and more photos about the meet and greet please continue reading..

So, it’s 13th November 2007. I have waited for more than 2 months. I bought this concert ticket on 9th September via internet.


Wakaka… crazy huh? Well, you cannot say that because everyone has things that they really passionate about and once they found it they would do anything to achieve it. So Linkin Park is my passion. Long story… I heard their music some time in 2002 and I got addicted. And since then I knew this is the one band I’m gonna love forever. Hahaha… Now okay adi coz last time I even more crazy, talk about sending 123 entries for a single competition just to win their autographed plaque and some CDs… and a 3D-model with their figures and send the BIG BOX to the music company (for a competition also), calling non-stop to for 2 weeks just to get through the line and get the chance to win complimentary tickets to their concert few years ago. Yea I was really crazy.

I can say that I am me more or less with their influnce. I was more nerdy last time. Haha… Their music shape my life style and personality in a positive way (proven by my close friend, Kenny, he used to be very active in blog but now no more, sad, or else you’ll see very nice post from him, i’m still waiting for him to come back and blog…).

So back to the story.. Surprisingly I still could take a nap few hours before the show because I was xxx too tired that time. Then I got a call and it’s Tze Wei. She said she got a complimentary ticket so we went out together. Haha… The venue was Singapore Indoor Stadium and I didn’t know how to go… I just know it’s far from the map I got. So we just went out lar … haha …

So on the way we talked and talked and we reached at the Kallang MRT station. We were totally lost at one point because we couldn’t locate the bus station with Bus No. 11. Luckily I spotted a guy with the same T-shirt I was wearing and we curi-curi follow him and DENG DENG DENG DENG !! We found the bus stop and we saw some fellow going to the concert too!

We reached the Singapore Indoor stadium sharp sharp at 6pm! OMG my meet and greet will bring people in another 10 minutes so I quickly rushed here and there, after being pointed by some clueless fellow for nothing, at last I managed to get my meet and greet wrist band at 6.10pm and I waited at the admin entrance. I bid farewell to Tze Wei as she would come in later (her complimentary ticket was numbered seating…). So this is it!

 the ‘holy wrist band’ that would bring me to LP very very soon!

So I quickly tagged it on my left wrist and waited and waited and waited … … ZzzzzZzZzzzZZZZzzz … Finally they let us in on 6.50pm. WTF? I thought they wrote 6.10pm on the confirmation letter? Never mind, I’m gonna meet LP so no big deal!!! Haha… my dream in 5 years finally will come true! I was so excited until…

Meet & Greet Session

Continue to read more!

I was totally blank when I met them! Haha… I dunno, but I managed to say hi and shoke their hands!! haha… They were being very very nice to all of the fans here. They let us take their pictures and they were acting very casual (just me, the dumb guy acting like i am dumb.. hahaha). Chester even played with the kids after me. I met Chester first and he helped to sign my M2M booklet. I kinda slipped through and he got his attention to the kids behind me. Hmm.. I was like… ahem… Chester, may I shake your hand? hahaha… He smiled and we shoke hands … OMG! (you can start the OMG counter … hahaha.. dunno how many times I’d mention it in my mind! I’m just like a small kid meeting my fantasy!!) Then before I moved on to Joe, the girl before me (if not wrong she’s Suen from Malaysia)… She asked if she could hug him because she’s his big fans! Joe was like, “Huh? Hug Me? No… Hug Him…” and point to Phoenix.. Haha.. Very funny. Actually we couldn’t hug or having close contact with them as it would bring up chaos to the fans behind us and everyone would want to hug them… haha…

So it’s my turn, it’s kinda fast though, Phoenix signed my album and I raise up my hand and he shoke it… with a firm and satisfied look. Haha… Thanks! Then it’s Rob. And it’s Brad. They were chatting and I need to *ahem ahem to get his attention back to me to shake my hand… hahaha… I’m such a bastard… haha… And last but not least… my favorite of all the time… it’s Mike Shinoda!! Haha… Actually I kinda like notice him when I walked in from the main door, and he was throwing the signing pen off the table to play with his bodyguard… MUAHAHA… Childish like me…

So I let him signed the album. And he looked at me and I looked at him. Then I realised the thing I wanted him to do. “Could you please write ‘To B.M.’ on the top of the page here?” Haha.. I was too nervous and my voice was … *ahem *ahem… … a bit different… So he asked “B.M.?” And there you go… We shoke a firm one and he gave a “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT” look and I left… …

Those moments were great great great and OMG!!! haha… here are the pictures… Courtesy of my LPU friend ABK… Thanks to her we all got this up-close pictures!! Hehe…

 Chester… he did a superb great job that night!

 Mr. Joe Hahn… hehe… funny guy…

 Then the next one is the bassist, Phoenix!!

 and it’s Rob, the drummer!

 then the guitarist, Brad with his hair! Bravo!

 the last but not least… Mike Shinoda, the rapper/guitarist/keyboardist … yo he’s my idol!

(source: ABK, LPU Meet n Greet Session)

 My Precious…

 Haha.. I told you this is going to be a bumper issue… Now the concert!


So we finished signing by around 7.20pm but we were told that once we got the meet and greet session we couldn’t get the priority entrance. So we looked at the queue… WTF?! It’s like gonna take YEARS to get into the stadium… the line was like … well … I don’t know how to say… it’s LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!! Suddenly masterkenobi (yeah, another LPU friend) called her friends and we tried our luck one more time with the admission crews… Surprisingly he was looking for us too! “Hey boys and girls, I was looking for all of you. Just now you all rushed too fast and I couldn’t have the chance to say to you. You all can get in now!” and we jumped the queue for like … … 1000 people?! That’s a BIG QUEUE JUMP! hahaha… So it’s worth to join LPU afterall right? haha…

Then we got in and it’s like 7.40pm… still 20 minutes to 8pm but the stadium was still empty yet…

8pm… the stadium was not even hall-filled… so we guess it won’t start in anytime soon…

8.10pm… kinda bored… kinda many people around me already… took some pictures around but it’s too blur… haha

8.30pm… the stadium was almost full… and it’s crowded in PEN A which was the area I was in. But we couldn’t move to anywhere because it’s CROWDED!!! Guess we will have to wait…

8.40pm… STOP the stupid music and play some LP songs!! The organiser just don’t know how to make the LP fans happy…

8.45pm… We heard the guitar testing sound… but disaapointed because nothing came out…

8.50pm… Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park… the fans yelled… … some starting to get impatient…

9.00pm… Light’s out! And everyone was screaming!! Hahaha… I screamed too!!!!




(source: MTV Asia)

So videos louder than articles… See these cool videos to feel what I felt that time!! It was totally a blast off! Don’t be too greedy, open one at a time! Haha… if hang dun blame me oh…

This is the opening act! Wake + Given Up and totally COOL when the giant cloth dropped off the stage!

Papercut and Points of Authority covered by Petrified at the front… I was like… it was familiar but what song was that?! hahaha… shame on me! Petrified is one nice song from Fort Minor, by Mike Shinoda and his other friends…

Very nicely done by Chester though it’s already halfway through the concert… he certainly got strong voice… still can sing soft song… GENG!!! VERY TASTY SONG!

Faint – I was almost passed out and fainted halfway during this song… because it’s really too hot and I jumped with my full energy and I felt too old for this… hahaha…

In the End – you should know this song. If not – SHAME ON YOU!!! haha…

Bleed It Out – a song from his new album and it’s the best song to end all these… I like this song from the first time I played their new album and I knew it’s going to be a BIG HIT! hahaha…

The playlist FYI:

  • Wake/Given Up
  • No More Sorrow
  • Lying From You
  • Don’t Stay
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • From The Inside
  • Papercut
  • Mike rappin’ before a bit of Petrified/Points Of Authority
  • In Pieces
  • Shadow Of The Day
  • Numb
  • Pushing Me Away (piano version)
  • Breaking The Habit
  • Crawling
  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • What I’ve Done
  • Faint


  • One Step Closer
  • In The End
  • Bleed It Out

Total Time: +- 2 hours

Performance Rating : 9/10 – the 1 point lost due to the crowd… hahaha…

Crowd Performance Rating : 4/10 – too passive… … but luckily i jumped with the guys and girls around me.. we TOTALLY enjoyed and made the ticket price WORTH it !! yo !! 150 bucks jumping!! hahaha…

Special comment: I smelled and also accidentally ‘ate’ hairs coz the guy in front of me has very very long hair and he’s nodding his hair at very high RPM… … try to imagine tat… muahaha… 

The show was GREAT and BRILLIANT. But the crowd was just way too OFF. I screamed with the guys and girls around me and we were scolding at the people in front of us (of course they couldn’t hear lar)… They didn’t really JUMP and just stand there for fun… we were like “WTF? you pay SGD150 just to stand there?!” and we were like bringing the crowd around us and behind to jump together with us… ahaha… we were like brothers and though we push each other we did grab each other hands so that we won’t fell … So I guess this is the Chinese proverb 四海之内皆兄弟 (literally translated, ‘4 seas inside all also brothers…’ *.*”)… I guess Singapore may not have the best crowd… sad… especially the ENCORE part.. it’s very very WEAK.. me and my friends (just made…haha) were screaming like hell and no one helped us (well someone did, someone like us… but it’s helpless in the crowd of 10,000 who weren’t willing to help… WTF?!)

So, afterall… it’s STILL a very nice experience to see them playing LIVE and it’s also a very good opportunity for me to spend the SGD150 … haha… omg! But I found it’s worth for me! Cause I really enjoyed throughout the whole show and didn’t you realise that I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the show? Because I said to myself, I can always get these videos later… it’s my show! I paid for it and I will enjoy it!! So did I!!

In the end I did manage to take photo too! Haha…

 managed to get a photo of me at the set… haha…

Then Tze Wei and I met outside of the stadium and we were so high!! She wish she were inside the crowd with me and both of us could jump non-stop because she too, felt the crowd was a bit off and she was ON!! haha… but She couldn’t too ON by herself… hehe… So we were so high that we walked all the way to Geylang to have our supper … hahaha…


Guess it’s a very nice ending right? OK… I still cannot withdraw myself out of the situation…… Still thinking about this all the time… omg… how to study!? HELP ME…

-the Bear, finally I’m done writing this… hahaha…


Written by Boon Ming

November 18, 2007 at 2:00 pm

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  1. hey man, u also went LP concert!!!! wahahaha it is such a great concert man!!!!!! and u take so many close pic!!!!!! those pic took by u??!!! or u take from others?


    November 20, 2007 at 11:43 pm

  2. haha .. i forgot to update the sources on this page… some i got it from friends… some i took one and those very clear and high definition photos are from MTV Asia!! haha.. thanks for dropping by!!

    Boon Ming

    November 21, 2007 at 5:42 am

  3. eh, ask you ar, you mean to say, you went for the meet and greet, than you got to go to Pen A before everybody else and stood in front? or how was it?


    February 7, 2008 at 9:34 pm

  4. haha …. yea … i got to the meet and greet session and fortunately to get into the Pen A without queueing so loooooong …

    after signing me and another friends went out to look at the queue .. omg it’s like 2 or 3 football field long !!! then we proceed to the security guard and fortunately they let us in because we had the priviledge as LPU members !! haha .. tat was so cool !!! hahaha

    Boon Ming

    April 10, 2008 at 10:00 pm

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