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Ajisen Ramen, Jurong Point

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Went to Ajisen Ramen, a newly open Japanese Restaurant in the new Jurong Point!! Cool!! So me and my 2 male friends decided to celebrate our Valentine’s Day there. Imagine 3 guys… eating in a restaurant… with full of couples all around… on a Valentine’s Day!

Hong Giap with his Valentine’s post…

So I ordered this CHA SIU Ramen which taste not bad afterall. Better than the Volcano Ramen that I ordered few days ago.

My friends ordered these “Bacon Ramen” and “Japanese Pizza” … hehe…

Honestly, I am fine with the food. Just fine. It doesn’t taste bad, nor it tastes very good that makes me wanna come back for more again. With the same price I do have a lot of other choices that may taste better. =P

Sorry Ajisen Ramen… you didn’t pay me well enough to talk something good for you oh… lol


By the way.. Happy Birthday to Yee Kiat!! Sorry bro that I couldn’t be there last weekend but seriously why no one asked me out to celebrate for you last Saturday de?! I totally had no idea at all oh… wth… very angry lor… very VERY ANGRY LOR…


Written by Boon Ming

February 23, 2009 at 8:27 am