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Japanese Ads

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Really oh… Sometimes you can deny how creative Japanese are… lol… Just watch some ad videos that I’ve chosen! And you will know what I am talking about !! =D


Yea… A bit lazy to update… =(


So I am now going to “Wala Wala” ? Or “Geylang” ?? Guess while I enjoy !! =)


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February 20, 2009 at 12:20 pm

Wala Wala ? or Geylang ?

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Dude.. I can’t make up my mind now.

I’m stuck in making a decision of which place to go for this coming Friday night!! It is much anticipated night for the week, after 5 days of working and of course I need to relax myself.

It all got down to 2 choices, namely the very famous “Wala Wala Bar” and the infamous “Geylang”.

(1) Wala Wala Bar

Introduced by Kenny Sia. (Amazingly a lot of my Singaporean friends doesn’t know about this place!! Makign it so mysterious that I must go down to have a look) Scored 8 out of 10  in many many Best Bar review. It is surely a gem that I want to try to have fun and relax in the great music that they offer each night.


Range between SGD15 – 25 of price per visit. It provides great finger food and pizzas for friends to gather and have fun with the rock music that you can’t simply resist! The service are so good that people keep coming back for more and some reviewers suggested that you come early or you won’t find any vacancy from 8.30pm onwards til midnight! What’s more?! If you order your drink before 9pm, it’s Happy Hour and you will get 1 more for free!!


Given so many priviledges and tasty looks. I seriously feel like giving them a visit!!



(2) Geylang

Giving the infamous name, “Geylang”, this is one red district place that you MUST VISIT in Singapore when you are here, not for the prostitutes but for its food at least. 🙂


This place is SO-LIKE Malaysia that sometimes I won’t realise that I am in the kiasuland. The street. The traffic. The shops. The people. And the food here is so like Malaysia that you might forget that you are not in Malaysia anymore!!


It is also a place where you can a good bargain of getting a durian for 50 cents!!! One of their most famous dishes here is the Frog Porridge. I’ve tasted it once here and seriously speaking, though I was afraid and hate the frog, the whole porridge tasted unexpectedly well to me! =)

There are so much that the streets can provide to you. Eventhough you are not on appetite, NO AFRAID as dessert are well served anytime at the corners of the streets!!


Eye-dessert served after meals =)




Seriously, I can’t make up my mind now. I’ve been to Geylang a few times before so I might not be so keen on going there but the traffic and the dynamic of the streets there will surely make a different experience if I ever go back again.

But the Wala Wala Bar is so decent and cool with relaxing music in the background while you chat with friends about anything along with the chilled beer served!! (some more buy 1 free 1!!! lol)

Why not you give me some advice?? Post your comment down below and I will post with my review of my Friday Night experience afterwards!! Yay!!

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February 18, 2009 at 5:19 pm


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怎么说。。可能人太多了吧。。等很久,食物也不见的好吃。。。ok ok啦。。。




你看得出吗?哈哈哈。。。其实好像我在吃学校里面的那个CURRY KATSU罢了。。。哈哈哈。。。没有什么特色。。。SGD7.90!!





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January 4, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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Random Photos 1

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Hi!! Another bumper issues of RANDOM PHOTOS!! The photos are all totally random.. haha… and all of them were actually taken quite recent… Enjoy!!


Malacca River, Malacca Trip ’08


Bird Nest Tart, cheat money one.. hahaha…


Caesar Salad, Cartel Restaurant


my roomie sleeping, i told you this will be random right? … lol …


LAGENDA Opening Ceremony, Freshmen Orientation Camp ’08


so many New Waters for goodies bag!!! @.@


one of the Gardens in exhibition, Singapore Flower Festival ’08




New Macho Photo…


more BALLS and soup, Supper Gang random lunch steamboat

I said it’s all random and I will end this post with the ULTIMATE RANDOM PHOTO!! How random is it? Here you go!!

Title of Photo “3 Act Cute People” From left: Jacky, Sean, Yok Yin… =.=”

That’s all for now.. More coming up…

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August 26, 2008 at 2:37 am