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it’s GOOD to be here…

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After a week of sorrowful atmosphere in the campus, I urge you to watch this before we proceed further.


Well.. It’s GOOD to be here, isn’t it?


If you think that there’s nothing left for you to care, think again…


If you feel hopeless, think again…

The Best Things in Life aren’t THINGS


If Nick Vujicic, can do it. Why can’t we?

If you think it’s the end for you… How about him?

Imagine, what would you do…


Usually when we lost a game we would swear to our heart that we tried so hard yet we couldn’t get what we wanted. When we jealous of something over another person that we couldn’t get. When we tried to hard to complain of our lives that we never get satisfied with.

“Argghhh~~~ My results sucks big time!!”

“My parents won’t pay me for the school trip…”

“My friends bullied me..”

… …

Remember, time passes. No matter what you do. One second of anger. One second of jealousy. One second of sorrow.

We have to spend the time anyway, why not spend it in a meaningful way? Or simple — HAPPY WAY??


Yes, Life is full of mess and craps that we need to take care of. But not just you! WE ALL NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN MESS! But what makes the difference is HOW you face your mess…

Turn around, look it at another angle. It might be all different…

Enjoy loving others and enjoy being loved. Appreciate life! Because it’s so GOOD you can be here.