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VERIFIED: Another Suicide in NTU

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Verified: The second death in NTU has been confirmed as a suicide case and that just made everything even scary!!


11.40am: NTU President has sent an email to NTU population of this latest incident. But inside his email there is no further clarification on the cause of death. Also remained unknown is the nature of death whether it is suicide or by accident or natural death. I shall not come into any conclusion, but to express my condolences to the family of the passed-way. Another incident in NTU in not even a week. That’s creepy…

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students, 

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that one of our colleagues, Mr Zhou Zheng, an infocomm project officer was found to have passed away in an apartment at Nanyang Heights at about 10.50pm on Friday, 6 March 2009. The Dean of Students, the university counselling professionals and other senior university officers were on site immediately to offer support and counsel.

The university is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of one of our staff. Mr Zhou’s family has been notified. We are doing our utmost to help his family and friends, residents at Nanyang Heights and anyone in the NTU community that may be traumatised by what has happened in our campus this week.

The university board of trustees, management and the NTU community, send our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Mr Zhou. We will extend every assistance to the family to help ease their pain.

We shall rally together and pull through this difficult period.



It has not been confirmed yet. I dare not to comment anything. But when I woke up this morning, 2 friends had told me about this incident that happened in Nanyang Height again.

Another jumping/suicide incident had happened in NTU. That makes it 2 cases not even in a full 1 week!!! Now that’s creepy!!

I had been worried that the previous incident might have effect or trigger a series of actions that has no return, hopefully this news is just some fake news.

Let’s pray. If not NTU will be full of haunted spirits. Or the management might decide to put safety nets all over the campus to aoivd these kind of incident again. I will keep you all posted on the updates.



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March 7, 2009 at 10:47 am

SHOCKING NEWS: NTU Student Stabbed Professor, commited suicide afterwards

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Something happened in my campus today. Something so shocked that I took minutes off my work during my industrial training to think over this. Traumatized and unbelieving, that something like this could have happened in the university that I am in now…

To the family and friends of the victims and involved parties, condolences and to the student – R.I.P.


Update: 9:24PM

Our NTU President Dr. Su Guan Ning sent 2nd letter to the whole NTU population expressing the deep condolences with a clearer update from the incident. I don’t feel like posting the name of the person involved and if you insisted of knowing who he was, google from the net and not asking from me because I think this is at least some respect that he could earn for the last time. R.I.P. 


Dear Faculty, Staff and Students of NTU,

The parents of David H. Wxx., have been informed of the details. Together with Prof Kam Chan Hin, Chair of EEE, Prof Er Meng Hwa, Senior Associate Provost, and Ms Chua Poh Gek from the International Student Centre, I met Mr and Mrs Wxx. and on behalf of the Board of Trustees, management and the NTU community, expressed our heartfelt condolences at the tragic loss. No words can adequately describe how saddened we all are. The university extends every help possible to the family in their moment of grief. Our prayers are with them.

I visited Prof Chan Kap Luk who is recovering at the National University Hospital after surgery which lasted an hour and forty-five minutes. No main arteries or organs were damaged. I am heartened by the many students and colleagues who were also there to offer comfort and support.




Everyone has stress. Perhaps he just put it in the wrong way.





The student had apparently jumped from the glass rooftop of a bridge.

This morning, an undergraduate student from Electrical and Electronic Engineering School in NTU had just commited suicide in the campus today, after he stabbed his final year project supervisor and professor.

The seriousness cannot be neglected. And the whole campus is filled with dark cloud during the first day when students were back from their one-week recess.

Stress? Confusion? Frustration? Vengeance? Academic?

There might be a lot of reasons that on why and how the student just like me managed to do something like tat. With due all respect, I shall not come into any conclusion in that. What I am going to tell is just something that poured from my heart immediately after the incident.


It reminded my of the Columbine High School incident that happened in USA quite awhile ago, and I couldn’t believe that something like this could have happened in the school I am in! 

Stress. Yes. We are all in stress. For students in NTU (or perhaps NUS and SMU and others..), I CAN TOTALLY UNDERSTAND your feeling. Everyday is like war. Everyday we are filled with commitment and tasks to be fulfilled and no one second can be wasted.

Whatever we do, whatever we say in the campus, it all comes down to the final objective – Exam grade? Results? Or the ultimate degree certificate that we are going to get?


No I don’t think so!

Degree is important. But it is just a tool to open the path for you in your career when you are graduated. But whatever it is, it is just the opening part! And often when we concentrate on what we are aiming, sometimes we derail from the most basic stuff that we are supposed to pursue.


The society nowadays is derailed so much, that many of us mistake that Money is equal to a better life.

I do notice that in myself. I do wish I could have more money, thanks to the mindset of the society nowadays. Because without money you can’t do much for yourself.

But I realised that what we need is to earn what we could, and what we need.

The Last Samurai is a very good movie to remind yourself to be mediocre. Sometimes you walk a big round and return to the starting point, only to realise that what you really need is just some basic neccesities.

OK. Those are not reasons for you to slack off! I don’t mean that. What I am trying to convey here is… Sometimes, we need to slow down, look around, and enjoy.

Don’t be so serious. Just follow the flow of life. And you might find what you really want afterall.


p.s.: Seriously, from a stabbing incident I can talk all the way to something not related at all… =.=”

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March 2, 2009 at 2:36 pm


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我在南大最高兴的时候。。。是和宵夜党 (Supper Gang) 一起的时候













哈哈。。SUPPER GANG ~~~ 很高兴和你们在一起!!我们一起加油哦!!!

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January 12, 2009 at 1:11 am

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昨天开工了,不要误会。我还有一年半才毕业,这是我的industrial training。得到的一间公司是一间重型机械制造跨国公司。不方便透露出来,但时机成熟后我就会告诉大家,所以不要太急!


刚开始2天不要以为没有东西做,我们物质工程的可要连机械工程的CAD (Computer-Aid Design)的图画都给搞懂。方才可以开始我们的真正工作,有一点懵懵懂懂的。。。有点害怕,毕竟出来见社会了。。。而且还要自己学会。。。流汗



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January 6, 2009 at 8:48 pm

New ERP in Singapore!! (Exams Revision Period)

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So I’ve got my own version of ERP even IN MY ROOM!!!

 ERP is a so called “car-money-sucking” machine by Singaporeans, it’s called “Plaza Tol” in Malaysia, just it’s automatic without hiring people sitting in an air-cond booth to “suck” the money from you.

So my ERP has come!! Examination Revision Period now!! My first paper will be on Nov 18 and my last paper will be on Nov 28. 

Nov 18 – Analysis of Materials

Nov 20 – Materials Failure

Nov 25 – Metallic & Ceramic Materials

Nov 27 – Advanced Materials Processing

Nov 28 – Engineers & Society

So as you can see, I’m studying all about materials and materials and materials .. …. ZzzZZzzz

Have to score well this time. So bare with me. Will blog from times to times if I felt boring or just wanna have some funny inputs… ok?

Oh yea… NTU… nowadays is so different … Almost everywhere you can see people mugging. it’s Singlish. Means burying yourself into mountains of books … … @_@

Like this…

Seriously!! If not watch this posted on ages ago!! 

Just that I lazy to take the photos to you because I’m joining them!! 🙂

Welcome to the DARK SIDE!!!!

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November 9, 2008 at 1:43 am

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Kuishin-Bo Buffet Lunch!!

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Hi Hi Hi!! We went for a superior buffet lunch at Kuishin-Bo at Jurong Point last weekend as a celebration for post FOC gathering!! Haha.. Everyone was happy when Jacky annouced that part of the lunch would be sponsored by him!! =D

So can pay less eat more lar!! lol .. haha

Haha… Why I post this 7.30am in the morning? Make me more hungry nia… haha… enough lar… haha…

Best!! Nice buffet!! Large variety… Good food… Of course better than Sakura!!! But price-wise… haha… that depends on you lar!!

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August 30, 2008 at 7:34 am

Random Photos 1

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Hi!! Another bumper issues of RANDOM PHOTOS!! The photos are all totally random.. haha… and all of them were actually taken quite recent… Enjoy!!


Malacca River, Malacca Trip ’08


Bird Nest Tart, cheat money one.. hahaha…


Caesar Salad, Cartel Restaurant


my roomie sleeping, i told you this will be random right? … lol …


LAGENDA Opening Ceremony, Freshmen Orientation Camp ’08


so many New Waters for goodies bag!!! @.@


one of the Gardens in exhibition, Singapore Flower Festival ’08




New Macho Photo…


more BALLS and soup, Supper Gang random lunch steamboat

I said it’s all random and I will end this post with the ULTIMATE RANDOM PHOTO!! How random is it? Here you go!!

Title of Photo “3 Act Cute People” From left: Jacky, Sean, Yok Yin… =.=”

That’s all for now.. More coming up…

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August 26, 2008 at 2:37 am