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Cafe Cartel – Pork Ribs and others…

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Sorry for making your saliva dried this week with so many food comments. =/

Last Sunday, due to loneliness, me and Andrew decided to go on a date at IMM, Jurong East.

No lah!! You don’t seriously think I’m curved…

We then “shui-bian”-ly walked into one of the cafe and congratulations… My salary is donated to the profitable fund of Cafe Cartel…

Knowing that Cafe Cartel is one of the premium western cafe and restaurant in Singapore, my 2nd visit to this IMM branch was so-so. Especially the service, all I got was some cold look without a smile and most of the time I needed to exaggerate my actions to be noticed. 

OK. Into the topic of the day. The food is ok. Much better than New York New York in Jurong Point. Seriously I had my first ever Pork Ribs in New York New York, Jurong  Point and I was disgusted by it. 

But they are having promotion here in Cafe Cartel and each Pork Ribs meal costs only SGD13.80. Which is a bargain compared to other meal available on the menu. So I decided to give it a try again though in my mind I kept telling me DON’T!!

It turned out to be MUCH MUCH better! It saved my impression on Pork Ribs forever! =P

The sauce was good! The meat was good! Everything was upto standard and tell you that I never regret ordering this! Haha… The meat didn’t stick to the bones like what the New York New York did. And it was softer, much more softer compared to New York New York! Seriously, and the most important, IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU STOMACHACHE afterwards! ( 🙂  you know what I meant.. )

Free-Flow-of-Bread provided with any order.. Taste Good too!

Then I think it’s almost the end of the day so they were having half-price promotion for their soup and the cakes!! Hohoho… it’s GREAT DEAL but at the same time it injured our wallet…

Soup of the Day… so-so… =/

Orea Cheese Cake ordered by my dear Andrew… so-so…

My Blueberry Cheese Cake… ok ok lor…

And guess what?! Today is MangoDay!! Both of us ordered Mango-related drinks… =.=” how lovely…

I hope you all won’t misunderstand anything after this post. T.T


Written by Boon Ming

February 25, 2009 at 9:04 am