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Food Review: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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Walao eh…

The moment I walked into this coffee shop, the price is like SLAPPING me on the face.

Ouch!! That hurts!!

To be honest with all of you la… The taste of kaya toast, coffee, half-boiled eggs, can it be much different than those in the common KOPITIAM ?? How good is it that you willing to pay way so much for this?!

Well I am not a breakfast or KOPI type of person and so I am in no position to comment on that. But to me it’s just no worth it at all.

For what you want to “upgrade” the usual chinese kopitiam to STARBUCKS-like class and increase the price like there’s no tomorrow to earn money anymore?!!

So I am giving back a SLAP to them.

Nah!! Give you back!!

I can simply get a similar version of the same food for just SGD1.50 to SGD2.00 in my campus or SGD2.50 in any kopitiam outside.

Conclusion: Based on the price itself… 


Written by Boon Ming

March 10, 2009 at 3:24 am

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